I got up late as it was almost 9:30 am when I rolled out. I guess I was tired as I was sleeping the whole time I was in bed, not just laying around. It did not matter as we had nothing planned for today. 

We went out walking on the first walk of the day and just wandered around. There was not a lot of activity anywhere although we did run into a couple of people walking their dogs with the usual barking and sniffing that follows such encounters. 

Back in the RV, I fixed us breakfast and this time, the melted ice cream was enough to fool Sandy into taking her pill. There were a couple of household chores that needed taking care of before I remembered that I had a date with my friends at 12:30 pm. Right on time, BJ pulled up by the rig and I jumped into the front seat which they had very kindly left for me. I was handed a beer which I thought was a good way to start any trip. 

BJ was driving and Peggy, Daniel and Malinda were in the back. There was a lot of chatter and I gleaned from the conversation that we were going to a drinking establishment found in Johnson City where a coworker of the girls was performing. 

This was a typical country drinking place with the typical country name of Reck ‘Em Right Bar and Grill. It was not that big and there were only a few other customers besides us. BJ found her friend and introduced him to the rest of us and in the meantime, other band members kept straggling in. From what I could gather, anyone musically inclined to Country and Westen music could sit in as a couple of other people did just that. 

We stayed there for a couple of hours listening to the music and drinking beer before all piling back into the van for the ride back to the RV Park. 

This was followed by the usual chore of walking the dogs which was timed perfectly as Lo and Behold, we had a quick ten-minute rain shower of our own. This was unexpected and very welcome, but it did not last long enough. It was accompanied by a strong wind but luckily, my awning was already in. 

The rest of the evening was spent watching Brighton lose their game to West Ham before heading off to bed. 

Written 08/25/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com