This is where I spend too much of my time especially in the mornings

Up at a reasonable hour and outside to hang birdfeeders and then go for that first walk of the day. The only thing that changes in my routine is the actual time that I get up and that is subject to a lot of variation. We went out walking as we usually do and wandered around. We are in the habit of walking the road that leads to Hwy 290 as it provides the most shade and sometimes, we get to see the exotic animals. 

My day was focused on a visit to see my Dentist and I kept one eye on the clock as I ate breakfast and did a couple of chores. At the allotted time, I jumped in the Jeep for the drive into central Ausin where my Dentist is found. I was a bit early and sat in the car before going inside where I was warmly greeted by the receptionist. I did not have to wait very long before I was called back and sat in the chair. 

I spent the next hour and a half in that chair as the Dentist worked on extracting one of my teeth. In this case he ground off the bad part leaving the base of the tooth on which to rebuild it by adding a new cap. Even after he was through, I still need to come back and get the permanent cap put on to replace the temporary one. At least, modern dentistry is comparatively painless after the first pricks of the needle. My next move is to set up an appointment for color matching for the replacement tooth. 

With the Dentist out of the way, I headed to Walmart’s which is on the way home. I wandered around as I usually do in that store, mainly to get the exercise. I did buy a few things and managed to spend $200.00, sixty of it was on a couple of bird feeder supports that I can hang off my deck and oh yes, I bought a couple of new Tee shirts. I would have bought more except they were not in my size and I did not like the color.

The drive home was uneventful, and the traffic was not too bad at all. When I arrived back at The Caboose, I got the usual very warm reception fom the dogs. They helped me put the groceries away and then we went out walking around the park. 

We had another invite over to the Break room to help eat some of the food left over from the day before. The usual crowd were there, and it included a new family of a mother and her daughter and son that had just moved in. We tried to make them feel welcome the way that Texans do. Not that I am a Texan in any way shape or form but seeing as how I have lived in this State for the past 40 or so years, that must count for something. I gotta work on that accent though… 

With the meal out of the way, we each went our separate ways back to our RV’s. I took the dogs out for the last walk of the day before bringing in the bird feeders and shutting up shop for another day. 

Written 08/26/2023. Read my other blog at