It was a bit cooler when we went out walking. Apparently, there is a shift in whatever controls the weather and this time, it was in our favor. The long-range forecast shows it not reaching 100 degrees all week long. It will be close to the high 90’s but psychologically, if it does not say 100 degrees, then it will feel much cooler…Maybe, just maybe the hot spell is over. 

We still needed to walk in the shade as much as possible, but we covered our morning half mile. Back in the RV, I fixed us breakfast and got Sandy to eat her pill, thank goodness. My own breakfast of a Burrito was not very appetizing, but I am at a bit of a loss trying to find something that tastes good for me. 

Yesterday, just for a change, I tried a bowl of cereal and only managed to eat half of it. The rest went to feed the overnight deer or maybe they are Racoons or something similar as anything left out overnight is eaten. I had several slices of bread that had gone moldy, and I tossed it out onto the yard. Next morning, every bit of it was gone. Nothing gets wasted around here. 

I sat and worked on the blog and brought it up to date. I have nothing planned for today.I had bought a couple of bird seed hangers and attached them to the railing on the deck. That makes two less I have to bring in at night because the deer cannot reach them. 

We had yet another get together planned for a young couple, Brian and Whitney, who are moving on. They have a totally blind dog that they walk routinely through the day. The dogs name is Cooky. This time, the party was planned and put on by Sharon and Larry at their site. There was quite a crowd and we pigged out on all kinds of good food and the inevitable beer. Towards the end of the evening, I switched to wine at Sharon’s urging although I did not need very much persuasion. 

That is the thing with living at an RV campground. You never know when your neighbor will drive off into the “wild blue yonder”. No fear of us doing that as we are here to stay. Our travelling days are over. 

We spent most of the evening partying and telling stories before heading back to The Caboose, carrying a large plateful of food for later consumption. 

I took the dogs out for a short walk before returning to bring in the couple of remaining bird feeders and then settling down to watch a Football Match. 

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