I got up very late, very contented with sleeping in and lazing around. We had nothing planned so it did not really matter. We attended to the usual bird feeders before wandering around the park. It is definitely a bit cooler and much more pleasant walking. I hope that it lasts as we are almost into Fall anyway. 

I did not realize it but the very brief rain squaw that we got the other day, damaged both “the girls” awning and Brian and Whitney’s. We were lucky as we had ours in. Hopefully, we have learned our lesson from our earlier awning accidents. It is the very sudden and very quick rain showers that do it as there is very little warning. It is even worse if you are not home to get them in. It is not always the wind that causes the damage as sometime the really heavy rain puts too much weight on the extended awning, and it brings it down. That is what happened to us when we were in Arkansas, and it cost me $1500.00 to get it repaired as the Insurance would not cover it. 

I sat around writing and playing catch up with the blog. I considered going into town, but the jury is still out on that. It is not so important that it cannot keep until tomorrow or the next day or even the day after that. The problem, if there is one, with all this eating out Is that it makes things difficult in planning my own grocery list. I try to eat pretty simply most of the time, not counting the invites and I buy enough food accordingly. At the present moment, my fridge is full and if I am not careful, some of the food will go to waste. 

I forgot to mention that generally, after eating at one of my friend’s house, invariably they will press a plate full of food into my hands as I leave, “for later” and as we have done a lot of eating out lately, so has the contents of my fridge grown accordingly. All of the food is delicious and as I constantly remind myself, all very fattening as the muscles deteriorate and the body shape changes into a lump as everything turns into fat. 

We went out walking just wandering around. The weather is easing up a bit and the temperature was around the 95 degree mark. Still hot but not at least 100 pus degrees hot. When we returned to the RV, we did as we usually do and sat and listened to an Audiobook until it began to get dark. Then it was time to bring in the bird feeders and shut up shop for the evening. 

Written 08/28/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com