Today is the last day of the month. Again. It seems like only yesterday I said this about July and here we are getting ready to start September. At least, we may be through with the 100 degree heat although I don’t think that the weather pays too much attention to any calendar dates. 

I harnessed up the dogs and we went out walking after bringing out the bird feeders and refilling them as we usually do. It was starting to warm up a bit as we wandered around the park. There was not a lot of shade this early in the morning, so we did not stay out for too long. 

Back at the RV, I watched as Kerry and Chris packed up their RV preparing to leave on a couple of month trip up north to see the Fall displays. That means that temporarily at least, we have lost a couple of the group although they say they will be back. You can never be 100 percent certain on that as they have a home on wheels and maybe, they will find another place that is more appealing. That is the beauty of an RV life. 

Daniel whistled at me, and I wandered over to the breakroom for coffee. We sat there chatting for a while before Malinda called him and he went back to his RV. I wandered back to mine and found a couple of things to do like cleaning the hummingbird feeders of the crud that collects in and around the bottles before refilling and rehanging them.  

I turned my attention to the blog and by concentrating hard, managed to recall what we had done yesterday. It really is an effort sometimes to remember things or what is worse, even what I was about to do. No doubt that my memory is going to hell in a handbag as the British used to say. Maybe they still do! Whatever, as the memory is still slowly deteriorating. Maybe, I need to keep a notebook and jot down all the interesting things as reminders. 

I glanced at the clock, and it said that it was almost 3:00 pm. Time was flying by. When I stop to think about it, I have a very good life. I have my two little dogs for companionship and several very good friends in the campground. My time is my own to do whatever I please. I am still healthy, and my only real struggle is persuading my friends that one plate is enough for me, food-wise. I’ll take at least two drinks though and Thank You very much. 

I decided to do a load of laundry as it had piled up again. I put everything in the washing machine including the soap pods, set the timer and went back to my writing. I had a couple of other things I needed to work on and completely forgot about the laundry until three hours or so later. Then I added the anti-static sheets and forgot about it again as the laundry went through the dry cycle. At that point, I forgot about it completely as it will shut itself off and as it is only shorts and tee shirts, a few wrinkles will not matter. 

Late in the afternoon, we went out for another walk around the park and upon our return, went through the usual process of sitting outside and listening to an Audiobook until it began to get dark. I brought in the bird feeders, and we adjourned back inside for the usual evening meal and entertainment. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Friday 09/01/2023

September already. At this rate, by the end of the month it should be Christmas…We went through the usual morning rituals before we went out for that first walk of the day and wandered around and ran into the blind dog and his Mistress. This is the very last time that we will see him as they are moving out today. Sush a lovely dog. 

People come and go all the time except for the few of us that are here permanently. Such is life in an RV Park. Incidentally, Delores who currently has her RV in Site 5 is planning to move into the site vacated by the blind dog’s family. 

We went out for our usual walk around the park. It was already starting to warm up, but I am hoping that the 100-degree weather is over, thank goodness. 

I was working on the blog and looking out of the window and saw activity at Delores’s site. Guessing that the move had already started, I put on my outdoor shoes and wandered over to see If I could help. Daniel and Malinda were already working on the RV getting it ready to move. 

At the same time, Delores had contracted with a group of Mexican workers to move the stuff surrounding the RV which included moving the steps and deck which were one solid unit and very heavy. 

Eventually, Daniel, using Gary’s truck hitched up to the RV and then moved it into the new location where it was set up. That is when the problems started as one of the slides would not go out no matter what everybody tried. The rest worked simply fine but not that one. Eventually, everyone had to admit defeat and Daniel called James, the RV travelling Mechanic, to get it to work when he could fit it in. 

That was the cue for Daniel and Malinda to finish their preparations to go camping this weekend and before long, they drove the bus out of the park. The rest of us went about our usual business, in my case, doing nothing except writing the blog. It had been hot outside in the couple of hours we were working on Delores’s rig, and I know that I was glad to get back inside in the cool. 

I had not been inside more than an hour and I received a call from Delores asking if I would like to go eat at one of the places in town. At first, I was a bit reluctant and said I would call her back, which is what I did after thinking about it and agreeing to go with them. Gary was the other person included. By the way, I have no idea why I did not jump at the chance of free food and drinks. 

Delores picked me up and we cruised over to Gary’s RV where he jumped in the back of the car. I already had the co-pilot’s seat. The Restaurant was named El Rey and it was busy. Luckily, it is a huge place, and we were quickly seated. We spent an hour or more talking and eating good Mexican food. Both Gary and Delores were able to finish their plates, but I had to bring some of mine home in a “doggy bag.” Incidentally, despite both Garry’s and my protests, Delores insisted on paying for the meal in gratitude for the help we had given her earlier today. 

Gary drove Delores’s car back with us inside as she had a couple of drinks and just wanted to be on the safe side. I had two beers and Gary was drinking iced tea which made him the obvious co driver. 

My first action was to take the dogs out walking, which I was glad to do just to walk off the food. Even though I brought my half full plate home with me, the half I had eaten was very filling. It was a good day walk-wise as I covered 2 miles. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way except that I watched a movie until 12:30 am. I gotta stop doing that. 

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