This cat walks on a leash.

It was late when I even woke up close to 9:45 am. It does not matter too much but I do wonder why I slept that late. It is not like I am super busy working and such to make me tired, but I did drink two beers last evening at the Restaurant. I have heard many stories of older people who are not able to sleep more than a few hours at night. Me, I do not have that problem. 

The first thing was to harness the dogs and tie them up to the picnic table while I brought out the feeders and then we went out walking around the park. We did not see any other dog walkers probably because we were late in hitting the road. This also meant that it had warmed up quite a bit and we walked in the shade as much as possible. 

Back in the RV following breakfast and that all important coffee, I worked on the blog, playing a bit of catch up and looked around for other things to do. It was kinda quiet with nearly all of my friends away doing their thing. 

I decided to go into Dripping to the Tractor Supply found there. I wanted to get a couple more bird feeders to hang on the new hooks that I had already bought. I found what I was looking for and then headed for HEB for groceries. I had a small list but wandered around the store “just in case.” Walking in this store is also an effective way to build up mileage. 

My next stop was Starbucks for a regular Latte. No more of those fancy and extremely expensive drinks as they were a waste of time and money. I also bought a piece of Walnut cake which was very tasty. Back at the RV, I unloaded the groceries and the other goodies and put everything on the deck before opening the door to the RV to be greeted by my pair of very enthusiastic dogs. 

I got all kinds of help in putting the groceries away, mostly of the discovery kind where the dogs stuck their noses into the bags to smell what was in there. Then we harnessed up and went out walking the park and managed to cover almost 2 miles for the day. 

We sat outside with the big fan blowing the hot air around and listened to an Audiobook and drank a couple of beers until it started to get dark. Then it was time to bring in the feeders one more time and shut up the outside shop for one more day. 

Despite all my complaining about getting up late and so on, I watched a movie until 12:30 before going to bed. No wonder I sleep late in the mornings. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Sunday 09/03/2023

RV’s come in all shapes and sizes. This one is home made.
Despite going to bed late last evening, I managed to roll out at a reasonable hour ready to face another day. We harnessed up and went out for that first walk around the Campground. Because we had gotten out a bit earlier, it was relatively cool out and we managed to cover almost a mile which was definitely a good start. 

Back at the RV, I worked on hanging the two new bird feeders that I had bought yesterday. These are hanging off the main deck and may be too close to the RV for the bird’s comfort. We will just have to wait and see. We now have seven hanging seed feeders and two for bird seed cakes. There is a never-ending flow of birds visiting them most of the time.  

The hummingbird feeders are a different story. Currently, there are two of them, but I am having a lot of problems with tiny black ants that seem to like the sweet liquid very much. Enough to keep the birds away. I had bought some more deer spray and sprayed the pole that holds the hummers feeders to see if that stops the little buggers. 

The other problem is that even hanging in the shade, with our 100-degree weather, the liquid inside the feeders heats up in the warm sun making it too hot to drink. I can’t wait for reasonable temperatures to return, and I bet the Hummers have the same feeling about it. 

With the birds all taken care of for another day, we went back inside, and I fed the dogs their breakfast before finding something to go along with my coffee. I settled on a couple of pieces of toast and turned my attention to the blog. I also had quite a few pictures that I worked on, not that I do very much to them anymore. 

I had a few things to do around the RV, like make the bed and put the dirty clothes in the washing machine although there are not enough to start the load yet. I had bought some meat for the dogs, and it was cooking as I did other things. My dogs live pretty good… 

Daniel, Malinda and the girls all arrived back from their trip with lots of pictures and some very tall tales, especially from Daniel. That man can tell a story although Malinda is not far behindand I knew we would be in for a fun time when we finally got together. 

I noticed that both Malinda and Daniel were over at my new neighbor’s RV, and I wandered over to see if I could be of any help. I am usually restricted to fetch and carry or “hold this or that” as so much of what the two of them do when they are working on RV’s is way out of my pay grade at least knowledge wise. 

The three of us and of course Delores, worked for a couple of hours trying to get the slide to work properly and we managed to get it to come out most of the way, at least enough for her to use the RV. It will take the Travelling Repair man to do the job properly and he is due to come on Tuesday. 

We finally went back to our individual RVs for the rest of the evening. 

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