This is Daniel’s and Malinda’s site right across from me. Well within staggering distance if I consume too much beer.

We went out for that first walk and for us, at a reasonable hour although too late to join the early morning coffee club. We wandered around the park, and the weather was giving every sign that it was going to be another scorcher. Unless something unexpected comes up, we have nothing planned except for dog walking and sitting indoors in the cool. 

Last evening, I tossed some small pieces of bread out that were showing signs of mold and by the morning, it was all gone. I have no idea if it is the deer or some other animals eating the stuff but at least it is not getting wasted. 

I was sitting and writing and decided to put in a load of laundry which could do its thing as I wrote or whatever I was up to. I just love having my own washer/dryer. So convenient and I do not have to put in quarters. Now if it only folded and put away the clean laundry. 

With the machine buzzing along, I turned my attention to other things like tidying up The Caboose, making the bed and all that interesting stuff. Then I sat on the couch with a dog on either side and made a big fuss of them. It was so comfortable there that I closed my eyes for a while although I was not actually going to sleep. 

I harnessed up the dogs and we took the short walk up to the mailboxes and I checked mine just in case someone had sent me something. I am gradually notifying all those that I consider it necessary to know my new address. Most of what I receive is junk mail anyway. I would like to close the Far West mailing address ASAP but can’t do it until I have all the important people notified. 

On the short walk to the mailbox, it seemed to be hotter than usual but that might be because I had just come out of an air conditioned unit. Even the dogs were very reluctant to be out, so we headed back to the RV where it was much cooler. Tomorrow is forecast to be much hotter and could reach 105 degrees. Ridiculous weather but this is Texas. 

With nothing planned, we did a lot of sitting in the cool and listening to an Audiobook. It was way too hot to be out on the deck as what little breeze we had this morning had long gone. We sat around until it started to cool off a little and went out for that final walk of the day. It was still very hot, but we made a circuit of the park before returning to the RV where I brought in the bird feeders ending one more day. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion with food, a glass of wine and television. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Friday 09/08/2023

I snoozed late and it was 9:00 am before I got up. The first thing was to harness the dogs and tie them up outside while I went about the usual business with the bird feeders. Daniel stopped by to chat, and he said that Malinda was visiting her mom. We talked for a bit while I was refilling and rehanging the bird feeders and we made tentative plans to do something on Saturday.  

He went back to work, and I took the dogs out for their first walk of the day. We did not go far as it was already warming up with the temperature forecast to reach 104 degrees and this is September??? I remember when I lived in Fort Plain, in New York State and it started to freeze in September while I was at work, and we had to shut down all outside work. Sure, it is different in Texas. 

Back in the RV, I fixed Sandy’s special breakfast and my own coffee and sat down to read the world news. The more I read about the daily happenings around the country, the more I wonder if a big percentage of the people suffer from some form of mental illness or maybe it is just plain stupidity. Why so many people’s answers to a problem is the use of violence is way beyond me. Sure, they may have instant gratification by shooting someone but what about the consequences when they spend the rest of their lives in jail? How can anger be that strong that it overpowers common sense and why is violence their answer? 

The trouble is that when I read the news just to stay abreast of anything important, I could be reading the same reports day after day as they do not change very much. The world and especially this country is turning into a sorry old place.  

With all my outside chores taken care of at least so far, I looked around for other things to do. I spent time folding and putting away the clothes I washed yesterday and then made the bed. I also tidied up the living area which because it is so small, quickly gets bunged up with clothes and shoes and such.  

The dogs have their hidey holes when I am writing. Mikey always sits in the chair alongside me. Occasionally, he will sneak onto my lap but generally doesn’t stay there too long as I guess, I do not have the most comfortable of laps. Sandy, on the other hand, has a basket under the table next to Mikey’s basket where she hides away. If the basket gets too hot, she will sleep on the floor in the same area. 

Of course, if I decide to sit somewhere else say to watch TV, there is a mass exodus to grab the seat closest to me or even on my lap. Heaven forbids that I should use the toilet as my audience follows right along with me. Even when I am in bed and sleeping, Sandy is next to the spare pillow and Mikey is spread out all over mine leaving me with very little head space. Just one big happy family. 

I glanced at the indoor thermometer, and it was reading 101 degrees outside temperature. This is the first time it has read that high as usually it is a couple degrees off from the actual outside temperature probably due to the location of the outside sensors. When I looked at my phone, the outside temperature was reading 102 degrees. In either case, it was way too hot. 

We went out for another short walk just wandering around. We made it as far as the mailbox just in case I had any mail. You never know…Back in the RV, I sat indoors to listen to an Audiobook as it was too hot to be outside. The rest of the day was spent in this fashion before the evening meal and television. 

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