I was late waking up and managed to sleep through the thunderstorm we had last night. We did not get anything in the way of rain to talk about, just lightning and the inevitable thunder 

We went out walking in the park and managed to cover a mile on our first walk of the day. It was much cooler as last night’s storm cleared the air a bit. When we got back, I watered the plants and gave them a good soaking. Some are not in good shape, a combination of the deer and the hot and dry weather. I even cleaned and refilled the Hummingbird feeders to see if I could coax them back again. I prepared my own breakfast and coffee after getting spoilt with yesterday’s Restaurant Breakfast before settling down in front of the computer to read the world news and write the blog. 

Yesterday, I took several pictures of the Halloween display that the Home Depot put on and found it not only very amusing but also very well done. Some of the models and the noises and movement that they had were very clever. 

After such a busy day, yesterday, today was a bit of a letdown as I really did not do anything at all except sit around and write and attend to a few household chores. The weather had cooled down quite a bit following last night’s storm with the temperature only reaching a high of 96 degrees. Even so, before I knew it, it was 5:00 pm. 

We went out for another walk and just wandered around wherever Miss Sandy decided she wanted to go. She does not have a good sense of direction and so, we wander around all over the place. Not much in the way of distance but we get in plenty of steps. 

Back in the RV, I fixed the dogs their evening meal and Sandy managed to eat hers much to my delight as her medicine is crushed up and added to it. That is the only way I can get her to take the pills as they are too big to force down her throat and even though they are supposed to be dog friendly, it must be for a different dog as Sandy does not like them at all. 

The evening was spent in the usual way, first listening to an Audiobook outside the RV and then coming indoors for the evening meal and watching an English Premier League game. 

Written 09/09/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Monday 09/11/2023

We got up around our usual time after a very good night’s sleep for us all. There are always things I must do before we head outside like pull up the front blinds and those on the side away from the sun. Incidentally, the latter need to be pulled down around midday as by then they are in the sun and the heat it produces. RV’s do not have very thick walls, around 2 inches or so, and are not very well insulated. When it is really hot outside as it has been for the past couple of months, the two A/C units run nonstop through the day and a part of the night. 

The first thing was to attend to the bird feeders hanging them on their respective hooks and then it was walkies time for the guys. I always harness them up outside when I do anything that takes any amount of time so that they can be a part of what is going on. We wandered around and it was quite a bit cooler than before. The weather forecast shows quite a drop in the upcoming week’s temperature. Even a few degrees bringing it down into the nineties is a welcome relief. 

We wandered around and made one circuit of the park before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. I fed Sandy her pill mixed in a tiny can of cat food which she likes. So far, it is the only thing that works and as she still barks like a dog and does not yet miaow like a cat, figured it is not hurting her.  

My own breakfast of a Burrito was dull and uninteresting, but I have not been able to find anything appealing. I eat it because that is what you are supposed to do, start the day off by eating something. At least the coffee tasted great. 

I had a 1:00 pm Dentist related appointment, something to do with the color of the teeth that are being replaced with new caps. I arrived early and their office procedure is to call when you arrive and then wait in the car until they call you back. I did as instructed and luckily, did not have to wait very long before I was in the office. The actual process of checking the teeth coloring only took a couple of minutes before I was on my way to the closest Walmart’s which was only a couple of blocks away. 

I had a small list and happily wandered around adding things to the basket that I had not bothered to write down. Most of these were of the food variety which included my contribution to our communal gatherings, beer. Like I have said before, I can’t cook worth a dam and as beer comes ready made in a bottle or can, it is the most obvious replacement. 

I drove to the nearest Starbucks and bought a Latte for the trip home which was uneventful. I was greeted by my little buddies as though I had been away for a week instead of just a couple of hours. As usual, they helped to put the groceries away before we went out walking.  

We wandered around the park, and it was a little bit cooler as it was not 100 degrees, not far off but not quite which made it feel almost cool. I brought the dogs back and did a couple of outside chores with the bird feeders and Daniel whistled at me from the Clubhouse. 

He was there with Gary, and I joined them to drink a coffee and chat about nothing very important. Both can be very amusing at times. Eventually, we went on our way, and I took the dogs out for a short walk around the park before we sat on the deck and listened to an Audiobook moving inside after bringing in the bird feeders. 

Written 09/10/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com