This guy was only a few feet away on the other side of the fence.

We awoke to a cloudy morning with a good chance of rain in the forecast and quickly harnessed up ready to walk before it started. I brought out the bird feeders and am pleased to report that all the different feeders get their fair share of our feathered friends. 

The night before, I left the two seedcake holders out on purpose as both seedcakes were nearly finished. I wondered if the deer would eat them and of course the answer was not only yes, but hell yes as both feeders were empty by the morning. So, I took the time to refill them as well and will bring them in along with the other seed holders at night. 

We went out for the first walk of the day and just wandered around, even though it was cloudy, there was extremely high humidity. I worked up a pretty good sweat and we only walked a half mile. The walk was uneventful, and we did not see any other dogs taking their Hooman’s out. 

Back in the RV, I fixed the usual breakfast and continued with the ongoing battle to get Sandy to take her medicine. I keep trying different things. Some work one day and then won’t work the next which is really frustrating. Sometimes, I do other things and not paying attention and Mikey finishes off her food. My guess is that he has a very healthy heart even without the added medicine. 

It started to rain but not as hard as last evening nor for as long, but every bit helps. I thought about going into town but my list of items that I needed was very short and none of which were a” must have”. 

We went out for another walk around the grounds just to keep the dogs occupied and of course, I always need exercise. 

 Back in the RV, I pulled out the new computer that I bought a couple of months ago and decided that I would try to set it up. I asked Malinda if she knew how to do that and she said “Yes, bring it over to the Break Room”. I took both of my computers, the one I use every day and the new one still in its box over and she went to work. I spent my time inside with her or outside with Daniel and the Girls. 

Malinda worked on the file transfers for a couple of hours, even calling Microsoft for help but to no avail. The new computer will not accept some files and cannot be set up the same as the old one. She returned both computers back to the way they were and at the same time, made the two keys that were not working properly on the original one, active. 

I am not sure what I will do with the new one. The logical thing is to return it, but I have had it a couple of months still unopened in the box until yesterday. At this time, with the original one working properly, I do not need to replace it. 

 I sat around and listened to an Audiobook before I got a call from Peggy telling me to “come over”. Over was the Break Room and the usual group were there with the exception of Delores. As usual, somebody, and I believe it was Gary, had prepared hamburgers with all of the fixin’s. 

We sat and chatted and ate our food and eventually, the party broke up with us each going our separate ways with me taking the dogs out walking for the last walk of the day. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Saturday 09/16/2023

The day started off as it normally does with the first walk around the campgrounds saying “Good Morning” to whoever we met along the way or changing directions if they happened to have unknown dogs with them. Sometimes, it would be the other camper that changed directions not wanting to take that chance with my two ferocious trained attack dogs. 

I received a message from Peggy reminding me that we were going to Fredericksburg at 11:00. When I hummed and hawed about it as I was not really sure that I wanted to go, I told her I would call her back on it. A few minutes later, I got a call from Daniel and his first words were, “What do you mean you are not going, of course you are going”. 

I mumbled “OK” under my breath and he said they would pick me up at 11:00 am and to be ready. I really wanted to go but was a bit reluctant to leave the guys alone all day. Promptly at 11:00 am, BJ rolled up in her van with everyone on board. Malinda leaned out and told me to wear a hat which I promptly grabbed and jumped into the front seat which is where I always seem to ride alongside BJ who is the driver. Incidentally, Jeff and Terri went with us but travelled in their own Jeep. 

The trip was a long one of almost 50 miles one way and we listened to interesting stories from Daniel and Malinda with Peggy putting in her 5 cents worth. Then BJ turned on the radio to a station playing oldies but goodies. Both Malinda and she joined in, and we were entertained for a lot of the trip. BJ has a beautiful voice and knows ALL the words of ALL of the songs as does Malinda. Me, I can barely remember the words to the National Anthem let alone words to a hundred different Country and Western songs. 

With all of the entertainment, the drive time passed quickly, and we arrived at the selected spot where we all piled out and started walking through the different buildings, each with a lot of good stuff inside. There was building after building, each having a dozen or so stalls selling a wide variety of items. There was one that had probably at least 500 different types of knives, which was of special interest to Daniel.  

We wandered around from building after building and stall after stall and it was not long before we all got separated, and eventually finding each other. We sat in one building for at least an hour that was set up with a stage listening to a three piece band who were very good. The lead singer could belt out a song and the other guitarist played several solos. He too could play. For me, the hit of the group was the drummer who had to be all of 14 years old. He sat on top of the drum which was square and not the usual round shape that one associates with that type of instrument.  

Malinda and Daniel got up and started dancing as did a couple of other people. Then both Peggy and BJ dragged me up onto the dance floor where I went ahead to make a complete and utter fool of myself. I got the rhythm and the beat OK but could not remember where to put my feet. It was all good fun and we finally called it a day and jumped back into BJ’s van. 

We headed back into Fredericksburg and stopped at a specialty store that sold homemade food items. I bought a packet of Bourbon Pecans but have yet to try them. From there, we moved on to a similar store a half mile down the road only this time, we walked. This was Main Street, Fredericksburg and it was busy and full of tourists. Finally, BJ and Malinda walked back and retrieved the van and picked us all back up for the drive home. 

Incidentally, on the drive in as we were leaving Henly, we passed through a very heavy rainstorm which we eventually drove out of before we hit Fredericksburg, but it did give Henly a good soaking. On the way back, both Malinda and BJ sang along to the radio entertaining the rest of us. 

I was dropped off at my door and gave BJ and Peggy a quick hug and thanked them for making the day so entertaining. They are both two very nice and fun, ladies along with both Daniel and Malinda. It is good to have such nice friends. We covered 3.4 miles of walking for the day. 

The dogs were pleased to see me, and we harnessed up to walk around the park before heading back inside for the usual evenings glass of wine and watch Brighton beat Man United 3-1 although Solly is injured and was not playing. 

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