The friendly donkeys

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, so we did, not getting up until 8:30 am and taking the first walk around the campgrounds and the outside road. Others were doing the same with their pets. Even though it was cooler, the humidity still made it uncomfortable. 

Back in the RV, I looked around for something for breakfast and settled on two waffles covered in syrup with that all important first coffee of the day. With breakfast out of the way, I straightened up the RV and made the bed and then turned my attention to the world news and then the blog. 

I worked on yesterday and had a lot to report with our trip to Fredericksburg which I had thoroughly enjoyed. I am glad that I was not a stick in the mud and had gone with these crazy, fun-loving people as I had such a wonderful and fun time. 

Weatherwise, it has cooled down a lot and the high for today is forecast to be in the mid 90’s which compared to a week ago is almost comfortable. 

I thought about going into town and decided against it mainly because it was Sunday, and I could not stock up on wine and beer. These are my only contributions to all the food I keep eating from the others. Like I said before, I can’t cook worth a dam. 

I found things to do which included catching up with the blog. I also used the new spray on the plants that is supposed to keep the deer away. It stinks to high heaven which is why the deer do not like it. I almost needed a face mask just to apply the stuff, it smelt so bad. As long as my neighbors do not complain… 

We went out for another walk and just wandered around the park and the outside roads and just about managed to get in the mandatory mile for the day. Even though it was no longer in the 100’s, it was still pretty warm and humid out. After the busy last couple of days, it was nice to just laze around. 

We sat outside and listened to an Audiobook and drank a couple of beers. Then, as usual, came the mandatory last short walk followed by bringing in the bird feeders and shutting the door on the outside world. The rest of the evening was food, a glass of wine and Premier League Football. 

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