Another week begins. I wonder what this one might bring? I’m not sure that I want to know way ahead of time anyway. Anticipation of an upcoming event whether good or bad might be very difficult. I got up at a very reasonable hour for me because I thought I had a Dentists appointment in Austin. Turns out that it is for tomorrow, but I stayed up anyway. 

We went out for our first walk but only walked one circuit of the park. The Dentists appointment was on my mind, not realizing that it is not until tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure not to be late. It was only when I got back to the RV did, I realized that my time was off but only by 24 hours. Go figure. 

I fixed breakfast and had just enough milk for the coffee which got me thinking that I will need to go into town anyway regardless of the dentist appointment. My local HEB in Dripping Springs has almost everything I want in the way of food. It’s just that Walmart’s has all this other “stuff” that I like to look at and sometimes even buy. 

I settled for the HEB in Dripping Spring mainly because I have a Dentists Appointment in Austin tomorrow. That still did not mean that I did not have to go shopping as for one thing, I was out of bird seed and the feeders needed replenishing. Plus, it was my turn to buy the beer. 
I went into town and stopped at Tractor Supply where I bought two 25 lb. bags of bird seed. Then, it was on to HEB where I wandered around and found all the things I needed, including the beer as my contribution. A six pack with my name on it snuck into my cart when I wasn’t looking. 

On the way home, I stopped at Starbucks and bought a small Latte which tasted OK. The piece of Walnut cake tasted even better. I got lots of help in putting things away with Mikey sticking his nose into every bag I unloaded from the car. I put things in cupboards and the refrigerator and then harnessed up the dogs so they could help in filling and rehanging the bird feeders. I switched a couple of feeders around so the birds would eat from them and then we went out walking.  
We wandered around as we usually do with the only specific destination, the mail box just to check, in case someone sent me something. I still have some addresses to reroute and am slowly working on it. Eventually, I hope to be able to cancel the Mail Service that I have at Far West Blvd in Austin. 

We walked back to the RV and sat around listening to an Audiobook and watched the world go by. There was not a lot to watch…Daniel called and told me to come over for a beer. Never on to pass on a free beer, I wandered over and we sat talking for about an hour before heading back to The Caboose. 

Finally, it was time to do things in reverse and I brought in the seed holders from the low stand. We now have four that are up high and out of the deer’s reach and they stay out all the time. Incidentally, the bird seed that the birds always waste below the seed holders has started to grow with the recent rain. I will probably have to cut that down eventually as it will be too late in the season for it to ripen. 

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