I got up early, for me, as I knew I had an 11:00 am appointment in Austin with my Dentist. I thought about it and called my Vet to order more pills for Sandy. You know, the ones that I am constantly scheming to find ways to administer to her. Plus, they are expensive at $100.00 for a month’s supply which works out to around $3:00 a pill. Another reason I hate it is when she wastes them. Still, to me, she is more than worth it. 

With that out of the way, we walked around for the first walk of the day before returning to the RV where I fed Sandy her special mix, which she ate. Mikey just gets a couple of treats. 

I fixed myself coffee and breakfast with one eye on the clock and when it was time, said goodbye to my little buddies and hopped in the Jeep for the drive into town. 

My Dentist is located about mid-town Austin, and I took the 38th street exit off Mopac and was there at the proper time. I was quickly seated, and the Dentist and his Assistant went to work. They had done the “dirty” work a couple of weeks ago when they extracted the bad tooth. This time, they did things in reverse and removed the temporary one and replaced it with the permanent one. I was only in the chair for about 15 minutes. 

The best part was at check out when I was all prepared to pay whatever it might cost and they told me, nothing. Apparently, I had paid for the complete job the last time I was here. I thanked everybody profusely and made my way back to my car. 

My next stop was back on Ben White Blvd to the building where my ear doctor was found. He had supplied the new hearing aids or rather his Audiologist, Lisa, had. She met me and led me back to her little cubicle that she works out of and asked what she could do for me.  

I took the new hearing aids out of my pocket (not my ears) and explained that the one on the left was not working. She fiddled around with it and then cleaned both of them and told me that the left aid was turned off and showed me how to turn them back on as needed. 

I replaced the older ones that were in my ears with the repaired new ones and handed them to her and explained that these are now just backups but that the left one was making weird noises. She went to work and using her magic touch first cleaned and then got it back working properly again. While she was at it, she cleaned the other one as well. 

I put the “old” ones back in their box as I was back to wearing the new ones again as they do give a better sound. I thanked her profusely for her help and on the way out, ran into Dr. Bittar and we shook hands and exchanged a couple of words. It is hard to believe that I have been coming to see him since 1978 when I broke my nose playing soccer which led to him working on all the other parts of my ears, nose and throat. 

The drive home was uneventful, and I stopped at the Vet’s to pick up Sandy’s expensive pills. This time I got 2 month’s supply plus as an added bonus, the traffic was light, and I made good time for the trip back to the RV.  

I was met at the door by the dogs eager to go out for a walk and we wandered here and there before returning to the RV. There was not much shade this early in the afternoon and although, not as hot as a week ago, the temperature was around the 95-degree mark, still plenty warm. 

I sat and worked on the blog completed yesterday after much head scratching as I struggled to remember exactly what happened. It was one of those routine days, so nothing jumped out at me, and I finally was able to post it. 

It was 5:00 pm when I was caught up with the blog and time for the evening walk. Again, we just wandered around the park and got lucky as we saw some deer when we walked Henly Loop towards Hwy 290. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food, drink and television. 

Written 09/19/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com