I got up at a very reasonable hour for me and the first thing of course was to fill the bird feeders. During the time that I was over at the break room at last evenings party with my friends, the deer moved in cleaned out all the seed holders. I filled the four small holders and hung them out and then the dogs and I went walking. We didn’t get very far before we crossed paths with Daniel who had his granddaughter with him. We sat outside the break room drinking coffee just passing the time. His granddaughter is extremely intelligent 8 years old and so funny to listen to. She amused us all by herself with her constant chatter.

We eventually continued with our walk around the park and got to see a couple of exotic deer across the road. I even got a couple of pictures off then.  We wandered around and eventually returned to the RV. Where we sat inside and had breakfast. Plus, that all important coffee. 

I fiddled around with the iPhone but could not get that to work for me in the blog. So I switched to the other phone that I have and managed to get it to record today’s events. I will be glad when I get my new computer back. We have nothing planned for today except maybe a trip into the grocery store. 

With nothing better to do and after already writing it down, I decided to go into town to the HEB there and do some grocery shopping. I didn’t think I needed that much when I tried to make a list it only had one thing on it, beer. 

I knew That once I got in HEB I would figure out all kinds of things that I needed. This turned out to be true as I ended up spending $160, I only bought one 6 pack of beer. I kept finding things that ended up in my basket although I probably will use them all. 

I stopped at Starbucks and got small latte to help me on the drive Home which was straightforward. The dogs helped me unload and put the groceries away with lots of sniffing and poking noses into bags stuff like that. 

I really don’t have much else going on today and was just sitting around when the phone rang. It was Peggy telling me to come over to their RV. Delores was already there and I accepted the offer of a beer. Then followed the real reason we were there and that was to eat homemade ice-cream which was delicious. 

I declined the offer of a second helping and we sat there exchanging stories before Delores said she had to go. I walked out with her and saw her safe in her RV before going to my own little house to be greeted by my two little dogs. 

I found something to eat and then spent the rest of the evening in the usual way. 

Written 9/22/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com