I got up at a reasonable hour for us and as usual, walking the dogs was the first order of the day. That is after putting the bird feeders out. I replenish them as needed although, for some reason, I forgot to bring them in last evening and needless to say, the deer had emptied all the feeders requiring that I refill them before rehanging them. 

I tied the dogs up to the picnic table so they could watch and went about the task of refilling the feeders following which, we went walking around the park. That early morning walk is very important for obvious reasons, for all of us, me and the dogs. 

We got lucky and there were several deer and one Zebra out in the exotic park. I stopped and took pictures as I always do before we continued on our way. Depending on Miss Sandy, we either walk a long way or if she decides she does not want to go very far, we turn and head for home. Me and Mikey invariably do as we are told. 

We headed back to the RV, and I fixed them breakfast and toast and coffee for me. I have found a way to give Sandy her pill at least for a while and that it to mash up the pill and mix it with ice cream. She slurps down most of it and then I give her real food. 

I made breakfast and coffee for myself and read my emails. Then I turned my attention to the blog trying to get enough of the written word to keep track of what we got up to while my computer is being repaired. A lot of this was done on my phone as it was the only thing I had to records anything.

Luckily, Saturday was a quiet day. We went out walking several times to help pass the time. The park on the whole was pretty quiet. Some people were making use of the pool, some were walking dogs and there was a constant stream of campers coming and going as they went about their business,

We did a lot of sitting around listening to an Audiobook and drinking the occasional beer and ended the day watching the English Premier League

Written 9/23/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com