We got up early as I knew that I needed to go into Austin to the Best Buy to pick up my new computer. I had received word from them that it was ready, and I was supposed to pick a time when I would pick it up and made a wild guess. I figured that I might have to wait if they were busy but what the hell better than guessing a time. 

I arrived at Best Buy 15 minutes before they even opened and sat around in the parking lot until the doors opened. Then I walked to the desk where I could get my new computer and my old one back. I did not have to pay any money as the cost of the new one was equal to the cost of the one that I was returning, or at least, close enough. 

I eventually walked out of there with my computers cradled in my arms and back to my car. The drive home was uneventful, and I did stop at Starbucks in Bee Caves for breakfast and coffee. The rest of the trip was easy, and I made good time back to the RV where I was met by the little dogs all excited that Dad was home. We immediately went out for a walkabout just wandering the park and the outside lanes and found ourselves at the girls RV along with Malinda and Daniel where we started drinking beer and just chatting.  

We sat there for a couple of hours and several beers later when Daniel announced that he was hungry and was going to fire up his grill. So, we all made our way over to their RV and sat drinking more beer and several different types of other stuff that Malinda produced. Eventually, several beers later and with full stomachs, we made our way back to our own RV for the rest of the evening which in my case was to try to catch up on the blog using the new computer. 

It truly was an eventful day, and it is always exciting to get new things even as mundane as a new computer. If my old one wasn’t having key sticking problems, I would not have made the trade. Incidentally, the new one is a bit different and not set up quite the same as I am used to so there is a learning curve.

I finally put it to one side and sat outside for a while and then adjourned back indoors for the evening which was spent, drinking wine and watching TV. 

Written 9/24/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com