One of the the cows and it’s calf.

I was up and at them early this morning as I wanted to get the blog straightened out. I was still several days behind which is not good from my perspective with my recall as bad as it is.

We went out for the morning walk and saw a couple of other dogs doing the same thing. I try to avoid crossing paths unless it is the only way to go or if we know the dog and know it is friendly. There is no reason to look for trouble if it can be avoided. Today, we actually saw the three cows and two calfs in the farm across the road

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and Miss Sandy ate her pill. Unknowingly of course as I had disguised it. But they both were rewarded with a couple of treats. Something wrong with the picture as Mikey did not do anything and still got rewarded.

I intended to work on the blog and bring it up to date, straightening out the missing five days when I didn’t have a computer although I had jotted notes down on my phone to remind me what happened each day, Even so, it took most of the day before I was caught up with the blog.

A couple of times as I typed, I realized that I was out of sequence or it happened on a different day. Of course, I am the only one that knows this but still, I like to get it right.

Finally, I was satisfied that I had it all correct and at that point, we were caught up. By then, it was 4:30 pm and we had been at it since 9:30 am. That is the only problem with getting a new computer is the learning curve especially if the old one is several years old plus this one is a different make than the last one.

I started working on todays blog thinking back to remember if anything out of the ordinary occurred yesterday. Malinda had asked me to get beer the next time I was in town and as I had run out of things to do, I drove in to the HEB. I had other things I needed and it was not just a beer run. I wandered around and spent $160.00 on stuff before driving back to The Caboose where I ran into Daniel and off loaded the two crates of beer. He invited me over to drink one with him and Malinda which of course, I did.

We sat chatting for an hour or so before I thought it time to go back to my RV where I took the dogs out for one more loop around the park. Then we spent the rest of the evening on food, television and a glass of wine.

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