The front end damage to the jeep caused by the deer. 

Well, I think I have finally caught up with the blog. My apologies to my readers if something is out of whack but trying to remember back five days with my old brain is a real challenge. I spent most of yesterday working on that time even with the prompts that I wrote every day, it was still a challenge. Remind me not to change computers ever again… 

I slept very well again. It must have been all that fresh air and we got up at a respectable hour and did our usual walk around the grounds. Malinda and Daniel were sitting outside of the Breakroom along with Remington. My dogs just had to say “Good Morning” to everybody, and we stopped over to drink a coffee with them. The dogs greeted each other in their normal way with lots of butt sniffing and such. Malinda, Daniel and I just settled on saying “Good Morning” to each other. 

Daniel brought me a chair and a coffee, and we sat for a short while before he got up to mow the grounds and Malinda walked back to her RV. We continued with our walk although I could see that Sandy was not really into it. The weather was already hot, and the humidity made it miserable, and I decided we should turn back. 

I fixed the dog’s breakfast and found something for me to munch on and then settled down to continue to straighten out the blog. At least, I am caught up and am working on today. I wrote for a while keeping in mind that I had an Optometrist appointment for 1:40 pm. The time whizzed by as it tends to do nowadays and then it was time to drive into Austin for that appointment. 

I had allowed myself plenty of time for the appointment so that I did not have to speed but just keep up with the traffic. I was cruising down a hill in a bunch of traffic when suddenly, a full-grown deer jumped off the rocks at the side of the road straight in front of me. Luckily, I was alone with no other cars immediately close to me, and I was able to pull to the side of the road. The deer, quite obviously very dead, was in the center lane and out of traffic. There was nothing I could do except a quick prayer for the deer and continued my way. I saw the deer out of the corner of my eye and had no time to react as it happened that fast. There was no place to go anyway.

The Jeep had extensive front-end damage which I discovered when I checked it over after hitting the deer. It was still drivable but hotter than heck as the A/C no longer works. 

I continued driving and feeling bad for the deer. At least, the Jeep is probably repairable which I can’t say for the poor animal.

I reached the Optometrist Office in plenty of time and had to wait for 10 minutes or so before Dr Tybor walked in the examination room. We chatted as he worked and except for recommending me with different drops that I can buy over the counter, everything was fine or as fine as 87-year-old eyes are expected to be. 

I walked out and jumped into the damaged Jeep for the drive home which was free of any further incidents. When I passed the place of the accident, the deer was no longer in the middle of the road in the center lane. Someone must have moved it as I am pretty sure that it was very dead and did not move itself. 

The drive home the rest of the way was accident free although the A/C decided to quit working and it was very hot in the car. Not surprising as the outside temperature was a little over 90 degrees. Seems like there is always something. 

I called Good Sam Insurance, who I am with, and we discussed the policy and other things. Turns out, I do not have a rental car on the policy and will need to pay for one. Oh well, it could be worse as it was for the deer. Now I am waiting for the Insurance Adjuster to come and inspect the vehicle. 

We went out for a walk with the temperature dropping into the high 80’s and the skies clouding up a bit. Maybe, we might get some rain. We were sitting outside on the deck and Daniel wandered over. It was my turn to provide the beer and I surprised him with a cold 12 pack of Michelob Ultra. Malinda joined us along with Remington although Remi did not drink a beer. Later, Greg joined us although he too is not a beer drinker. We sat chatting for a while and first Greg moved on with his walk around the grounds and then Malinda and Remi went back to their RV leaving Daniel and me to work on the beer. 

When he finally left to go back to his RV, there were two cans left out of the 12 pack we started with. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion of dog walks, food, wine and television 

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