The damaged Jeep caused by the deer.

We got up early and went out for that first walk just wandering around. Sandy was in fine form and had me and Mikey going every which way as she dashed from one exciting smell to the next. As soon as she discovered something, Mikey rushed over to help her check it out before they moved on to the next great thing. 

We wandered around and saw Greg and Olive, the little French bulldog in the distance as we followed each other around. There was also a big Labradoodle walking its owner although we did not get close enough to say hello. 

Back in The Caboose, I fixed us all breakfast and prepared Sandy’s pill mixed in with ice cream. At first, she just ignored it, so I then added some chicken to the mix. Incidentally. Sandy likes to eat her breakfast on the bed and when I checked a little later, her bowl was clean. I told her she was a “Good Girl” and made a fuss of her which prompted Mikey to jump up on the bed to get his share of attention. 

I sat down in front of the computer and finished off yesterday’s blog before starting today. Yesterdays was depressing because I killed a deer and I hope that today is more cheerful. I worked on posting the past few days and then went back into my Archives and found a poem and posted that for this coming Saturday and then looked around for other things to do.  

I spent some time just playing around with the new computer to get used to it and discover where it is different than the old one. Basically, it is very much the same with the location of some of the files and keys, the only thing different that I could find. 

While I was sitting in front of the computer, I watched as a squirrel climbed up onto the bird feeders and started to help himself to the feed. I let him eat his fill before he climbed down and dashed off at 100 mph, Funny little guy. 

I caught up on the blog knowing that it was going to be a quiet day as I had nothing planned any different than what I do almost every day which is not very much.  

We went out walking again just wandering around the park stopping to speak to anyone we saw and usually making a fuss of their dogs. By then, it was late afternoon and as we usually do, we sat on the porch and listened to an Audiobook with either a beer or a glass of wine. Actually, when I am sitting outside, I usually have one or two of the very small bottles of wine that come in a four pack. 

We sat there until it started to get dark, and I brought in the bird feeders and put them on the porch. So far, the deer have not been brave enough to climb the steps so I feel they are in a good spot. 

Then, it was back indoors for the evening meal and entertainment. I watched Brighton and Hove win their game 3-1. Solly was on the bench and did not get to play. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Friday 09/29/2023

It wasn’t this deer…

For some reason, I had a broken sleep with what seemed like a long time of being awake and my brain going a million miles a minute. Obviously, it is the damage to the car that is on my mind and the regrets for killing the deer. As much as I dislike the damage they cause to my flower garden, I do not wish any of them dead. I finally dropped back off to sleep and because of it, slept late and did not wake up until 8:30 am. 

We went out for the first walk of the day and ran into Daniel who invited us over for coffee at the Break Room. This time we sat in a different spot outside in the shade which was much better as the early morning sun was hot. We sat chatting for a while and another one of the campers came over to pick Daniels brain and eventually, we continued with our walkabout. This time, we walked down the hill almost to the bottom making friends with a pair of dogs on the other side of the fence who barked up a storm at us until we made a fuss of them. Then they quieted down as we went on our way. We managed to cover1.2 miles on that first walk of the day. 

The weather forecast is saying that it is going to get cooler next week. I sure hope so as this has been a long, very hot and brutal summer. Plus, next week will be November which is winter in a lot of places. Not in my part of Texas though. 
Daniel came over and did some work on the A/C in the bedroom with the motor being very noisy. He managed to fix that problem and then turned his attention to the awning. I wanted it to have more slope as it was very flat when it was fully extended, and the rainwater would not drain off leaving the possibility of damage with too much rainwater collecting and pulling it down. Water is very heavy stuff and I have had that happen already on a different rig. 
With those projects out of the way he left to work on other things, and we went back to writing the blog. By now, it was 4:00 pm and another day has almost slipped away. 

We went out walking again just wandering around and ended up over at Malinda’s and Daniels RV. Jeff and Terri were already over there drinking beer. The first thing Daniel did was put a can of beer in my hands. I settled down and my dogs got a lot of attention as they went from person to person. 

The talk turned to food, and it was decided to go to El Rey, the closest Mexican place to us here in Dripping Springs. I walked the dogs back home and told them I would be back soon, and we all piled into Malinda’s truck and off we went. It was just a 15-minute trip, and the parking lot was crowded but surprisingly enough, there was plenty of room inside. 

Everyone made their choice and the food arrived. We sat eating and drinking with a lot of comments how good it was although, I must confess, I would not know good Mexican food from mediocre stuff. Mine was hot and spicy and had a real kick to it. It was tasty enough but as usual, I could not finish it all and brought the rest home in a doggie bag to be consumed later. 

The drive back was uneventful, and I was dropped off at my door to be welcomed by the dogs who immediately started sniffing the doggie bag. Even though it is named after them, this one they will not get any of as it is too spicy. 

The rest of the evening was spent watching an English Premier League game. I remembered that in all the excitement of going out, I had forgotten to bring in the bird feeders and immediately rectified this. As usual, I was too late, as the deer had already emptied them. I brought them in anyway as I will have to refill them tomorrow. 

I returned inside and shut everything off as another day in Paradise came to an end. 

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