For some reason, I slept very late, and it was 9:30 am before I even crawled out. Add a shower, shave and getting dressed to that and it was already 10:00 am. Still, we had nothing planned or at least we didn’t until I got a phone call from the Adjuster saying he was on his way to see me at 12:00 pm or thereabouts. 

He arrived on time, and we spent 30 minutes checking things out and asking questions. He pointed out that the front license plate was missing which is the first time I had noticed that. He inspected everything and even let the car run for 15 minutes or so as one of the motor fans was not kicking in. After much discussion, he thought it would be OK to drive short distances but to keep an eye on the gauges in case it overheated. 

He left and I went back inside to play catchup with the blog. Hard to believe that it is Monday already and the start of a new month, sort off, with only three months left in the year. At least, it has cooled down a little to the low 90’s. 

I was busy working on the computer, and I got a message from Daniel inviting me to coffee over at the Breakroom. I walked over and we sat and chatted for almost an hour about a lot of things. Eventually, he went back to work, and I came back to continue working on the blog.  

The afternoon passed and we went out for another short walk which took us past Daniel’s RV. He and Malinda were sitting outside, and they invited me to sit and have a beer. Never one to pass up on a free beer, we sat and chatted for almost two hours. Four beers later, I decided it was time to head back to my RV. Incidentally, it was almost dark, and I noticed that the deer had come a-calling and the bird feeders on the pole were all empty. I did not bother to bring them in as I was too late. 

The rest of the evening was spent with a meal and as I was already beered out, a small glass of wine. 

Written 10/02/2023. Read my other blog at