Another day started in the usual fashion except I did not have to bring out the feeders as I had left them up because they were already empty. The deer cleaned them out while I was over at Daniel and Malinda’s RV last evening. I need to go into town and buy more birdseed as we are out. 

We went out for the morning walk and walked Henly Loop towards Hwy 290. The object was to walk to the end as it was shady which made it much cooler. In the distance, I saw the cows with their babies eating from a big old round bale of hay. That was the only thing of interest as none of the exotics were around. 

My built-in clock estimated that we had covered at least a mile but when I got back and looked, it was only 8/10ths of a mile. My clock is obviously way off, and, in my mind, we walk much further than we actually do. I have mentioned this before but quite obviously, I am no judge of distance and am always thinking we have walked further than we do. 

I fixed us breakfast plus that all important coffee for me. It doesn’t matter what I eat nowadays, nothing tastes good anymore. 

Then I turned my attention to the blog and completed yeserday before turning to today. It was early yet and not much had happened or not enough to write about. Things are always happening around here with RV’s constantly coming and going, new people, some with dogs, walking the campground, most of whom are friendly and at least say hello or Good whatever time of the day it is. Occasionally, there are others who like to keep themselves to themselves, which is OK too as that is what RV’ing is sometimes all about. 

I decided that I really needed to go into town at least as far as Tractor Supply which is on the outskirts of Dripping Springs on my side, to buy birdseed. I hadn’t figured on the deer cleaning me out last evening while I was drinking beer at Malinda and Daniels place. I got two 25lb bags which should last a couple of weeks and got out of there and made the drive back home. The Jeep drove just fine but I had to open all the windows as the AC does not work. 

Incidentally, I have heard back from the Appraiser regarding the Jeep, and it is not too bad. The cost for the repair is around $3,000.00 with my share a $1000.00 of that. Now I need to find a shop that will do the work and locate a car rental service for while it is in there. I really do not go very far or very often but not having wheels would make life very difficult as regards groceries and such. The last time the Jeep was in the shop was for two weeks, but the damage was much more extensive at that time. 

Back at the RV after coming back from getting birdseed, we went out for another walkabout and managed to clock 1.9 miles. Maybe, I should go out and wander around for two minutes to get it to turn over to 2.0 miles for the day. Or maybe not… 

I finished the blog for the day knowing that we were all through with sitting outside listening to the Audiobook and eventually moving back indoors to watch television and drink wine. Oh yes, there was food in there too someplace… 

Written 10/03/2023. Read my other blog at