I awoke at a very early hour and for a minute or so, seriously thought about getting up. Then common sense kicked in and I rolled over and went back to sleep. Actually, I did get up earlier than usual and we went out walking the grounds and the bottom road and managed to cover 1.4 miles on that first walk of the day. There was a nice cool breeze blowing which made all the difference. 

I put out the bird feeders before we went out for that morning walk. Yesterday, I watched a large hawk made a dive at the birds that were feeding. It missed all of them and then perched in the tree above the feeders until I drove it off. Hope it stays away. 

On our walkabout this morning, we got to see the three cows in the field across the way along with their two calves as they were congregated close to the road. There were not any exotics in view in the fields on the other side of the road. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and that all important coffee for myself and then at the same time, fixed Sandy her special breakfast which today, she ate it all and licked the bowl clean. So, at least this morning, she has taken her medication. Mikey decided that he did not want his and it sat in his chair waiting for when he was ready. 

I sat working on the computer and Daniel stopped by. We sat outside and chatted for 30 minutes or so and then he went back to work as did I only mine is in the air-conditioned RV and his is out in the hot sun. Another thing is that I do not get paid for mine as it is strictly a labor of love. Probably not worth much anyway… 

I contacted the body shop trying to set up an appointment to get the Jeep repaired and am now awaiting a callback. The new computer handles some of my files differently than the old one and it is a little frustrating trying to find a work around. 

Later in the afternoon, I tried the bodyshop again and this time figured out what I had done wrong in misspelling the log on. With the correct one to work with, I managed to email the quotes from the Insurance to the shop. They called me back a bit later and now I have an appointment for Monday at 10:30 am to drop off the car and pick up a rental vehicle. In a way, the rental is kind of a waste as it will hardly get used in the whole time that I have it but the idea of not having any wheels for at least two weeks is kinda scary. 

With contact finally made, I was able to relax on that front. We went out for another walk about and just wandered around. The sun was still hot, but it was nice and cool in the shade, and we managed to cover 2.1 miles for the day. 

I was sitting outside, and Daniel whistled at me from his RV and then beckoned me over. I was not doing anything except to listen to an Audiobook and I wandered over to his RV, He already had steaks on the grill, and I enjoyed a nice juicy one with all the trimmings along with a couple of beers as we sat and talked. 

An hour or so later, I walked back to The Caboose and shut up shop for the evening. I had already brought in the bird feeders before I headed over to Daniels and Malinda’s rig having learned my lesson from a couple of nights ago when the deer completely cleaned us out. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. 

Written 10/04/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Thursday 10/05/2023

We had a tremendous thunderstorm in the night with very bright lightning and a lot of very heavy rain. I learned later that we had 3.5 inches of the stuff which was good. The only problem with heavy rain is that most of it runs off and not a lot of it sinks in. Still every bit helps, and we will take what we can get. 

I even got up earlier than I normally do just so I could get outside to see the results. There was rain forecast off and on for all day. We can sure use it.  

We wandered around and got to see Olive with Greg in tow in the distance and waved to them as we walked the outside road leading to Hwy 290. The dogs were not dressed the same as their harness was soaked from last night’s rain and because I left it outside, I had to resort to each having a single leash on their regular collars.  

We were stopped to let a car go by and I tried to guide Sandy to the side of the road, and she slipped her collar. She dashed into the road and luckily, the two cars, one from each direction, were paying attention and both stopped. I dragged Sandy to the side and slipped her collar back over her head and waved thanks to both drivers. By then, a third car had joined the group and Sandy had created a mini car backup. All this on our road that has very little traffic except of course, when you do not want any. 

We made the walk the rest of the way without any further incident and went about the task of fixing breakfast. I fed Sandy her medicine mix and she ate it while on the bed. I think that is her special place. She got a big fuss made of her for being such a good girl (my words to her). Mikey just gave me a look as if to say, what did she do? 

Then a fixed a burrito and coffee for me and turned my attention to the blog. It was raining, just a fine drizzle, but the whole appearance was of a damp and chilly day. We have not seen one of these for a while. 

I sat and wrote and brought us up to date and looked out of the window at the miserable day and wondered what else I could get up to. Then I remembered that I had done laundry yesterday and that I had a machine full of folding and putting away, still to do. That got me motivated and I spent the next 15 minutes doing just that. Then I looked at the bed which was all messed up and went about remaking it. With that done, I was up to date on all the inside chores. 

Daniel invited me over for coffee in the Break Room and we sat and chatted for 30 minutes or so before he went back to work. I continued with the blog before deciding to go out for another walk. I had received an invitation from Daniel to go over for supper which consisted of two different sorts of sausage in a tortilla roll. Then we finished by starting on the two plates, one of fruit and the other of raw vegetables that I had bought for the Soccer girls who had not partaken of my offer. That and a couple of beers and good company and conversation made a great ending to the day. 

Written 10/05/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com