With no heavy rain or thunderstorms overnight, I slept well before getting up at a respectable hour. We went out for the first walk and covered almost a mile. It was nice walking with the sun shining and with a cool and steady breeze. Maybe, we are finished with the heat wave and the 100-degree weather. I sure hope so as it got really old really quick. We were out early enough to run into several other dogs walking their Master’s or Mistresses. 

Back in the RV, I fixed us all breakfast. Sandy ate hers which means she took her pill. Yeah…I sat and worked on the blog for a bit and caught us up to date and then decided to drive to the spot where I hit the deer. 

I arrived there with no problems from the Jeep even though the cooling fan is supposedly not working. I kept a close eye on the temperature gauge, but it held steady the whole round trip of about 40 miles. I walked the area of the accident covering about 50 yards in both directions but did not find the missing number plate. 

I turned back and then went into the new HEB located at Nutty Brown and wandered around finding all the stuff I needed plus a bit more as I ended up spending a little over $200.00. I filled up with gas while I was at HEB as their gas is a bit cheaper but that was not included in the $200.00, 

We drove home and I contemplated stopping at Starbucks in Dripping Springs but then decided against it as I just did not feel like drinking a Latte. Who would have thought that a man that used to drink at least one Latte a day now does not drink any. 

The dogs helped me to unload the groceries although I had to put them away as they both are not very good at it mainly because the shelves are out of their reach. Besides, they are too busy with their noses stuck in each bag for the wonderful smells. 

With everything taken care of, I settled down in front of the computer and played catch up with the blog. Today is going by really slow which is a good thing. Then we went out for a short walk, but our timing was off, and the dogs were not really into it, so we returned to The Caboose. We sat outside for a bit and then I decided to write more of the blog to bring us up to date. 

The rest of the day and evening was spent doing a whole lot of nothing until I got an email from Peggy telling me to come over, which of course, I did. Delores was already there, and we sat outside chatting and drinking beer. A bit later, Daniel and Malinda joined us, and the drinking really started. Altogether, I had four beers and we had to help Delores back to her RV as she was not feeling any pain whatsoever. Later, I staggered back to The Caboose knowing that although not drunk, I was very aware that I had consumed a lot of beer. 

Back in my RV, I found something to eat and finished the evening in the regular way of watching television. 

Written 10/06/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com