I slept very well except for one call of nature and did not wake up until almost 8:00 am. I crawled out of bed and enjoyed a hot shower in my newly repaired shower unit even if it was running on propane, dressed and was ready to face yet another day. Daniel has ordered the replacement part to get hot water by electricity and it should be here tomorrow. 

I wandered around the park with the dogs in tow, but it was not one of our better days and we barely covered a half mile. Back in The Caboose, I fixed the usual breakfast and coffee for me and gave the dogs their breakfast. Today was a good day as Sandy ate hers which of course, included her pill. 

I sat down to write only to discover that somehow, things that I was used to had been switched around and I spent some frustrating time trying to get things back the way I wanted. I finally had it back to where it was with some semblance of order at least that I could recognize, Sometimes, I hate computers which are, after all, only as good as the operators. 

Daniel stopped by and we chatted for a bit before he returned to his outside duties. I continued writing and brought the blog up to date. 

I wrote for a while until I was caught up and looked around for other things to get up to. Daniel stopped by again and asked if I wanted to go for a ride in his buggy. Not having anything better to do, I agreed and before long we were tearing around all over the park. We had a specific place in mind and shortly, I was loading the sawn branches from yesterday’s efforts onto the buggy. We eventually made two trips and unloaded the brush in the pile at the bottom of the park for later pickup. 

Then it was coffee time and we ended up in the Commons to drink coffee and spin great yarns. It is amazing what guys find to talk about and how bad the stories and the claims really are. Daniel is an expert at storytelling. 

We talked for a while and then he went back to work, and I walked back to the RV. The dogs needed to go out walking and we harnessed up to do just that. We just wandered around with no specific direction except that which Sandy pointed out to us. Even with a slow day, we still got in 1.5 miles. 

I sat outside for a bit listening to an Audiobook, but it had turned cooler, so we adjourned back inside of the RV where it was quite a bit warmer. I continued to write in the blog. It is already getting a lot darker and much earlier as the seasons change. 

The day ended in the usual way with food and drinks all around for both me and the dogs. 

Written 10/11/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Thursday 10/12/2023

Mikey had a terrible night as he kept on throwing up but not really emptying his stomach but just releasing phlegm. At least he got off the bed each time to upchuck. I followed him around with a handful of paper towels to clean up after him. After about an hour of this, he finally settled down and we were able to get back to sleep. I have no idea what it was with him but obviously, something had upset his little tummy. 

Consequently, when the morning came, I did not even wake up until about 9:30 am. Mikey appeared to not be suffering any more discomfort from his nightly adventures and was very happy to go out walking with Sandy and me. We walked Henly Loop again towards Hwy 290 and managed to cover exactly a mile for that first walk. Incidentally, it was overcast and for the first time, I had to wear a light jacket, Sure is different from just two weeks ago when it was still 100 degrees outside. 
I made breakfast for the dogs and then myself. Sandy did not eat all of hers and consequently, did not take her medication. It really is hard trying to get her to swallow it. Maybe, I need to look around for some other way to get it inside of her. 

While considering what to have for breakfast, I put some chicken on the inside electric grill to be cooking while I did other things. I looked in both the refrigerator and freezer for something different and found a package of taquitos. I put four of them in the microwave to heat up and made coffee. By the time we finished eating, I had eaten three of the things and the dogs shared the other one. Not very substantial or filling but at least it was something. Food does not have the same appeal as it used to have, and I eat a lot of the time because I know I must, not necessarily for enjoyment. Even so, I still have plenty of fat where there used to be muscle. Whereas the muscle takes a lot of physical work, the fat, not so much which accounts for so much of it.  
I decided to go into town to go grocery shopping and after saying goodbye to the dogs, jumped in my rental car for the twenty minute drive. I considered what I needed and although I wanted to go in The Home Depot, I did not need anything from there and decided it was not worth it. I did go into HEB which is right nextdoor and wandered around. I only purchased a few items and beer was not one of them this trip although, I did stock up on the tiny bottles of wine. 

I bypassed Starbucks again not feeling like coffee and made the drive back to the RV. After unloading the few bags with the help of my buddies, I sat down to play catchup with the blog. Daniel stopped by just to chat as he did not need any help. 

The rest of the day was spent quietly sitting outside listening to an Audiobook and drinking mini bottles of wine. 

Written 10/12/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com