This is how we would like to see at least for a bit…

Friday the Thirteenth. To some people it is a very unlucky day. To others, it is just superstition and another regular day. 

We got up very late and it was almost 10:00 am before I even awoke. I have no idea why I slept for so long as yesterday was not much different than most other days. 

As we usually do most every morning, we harnessed up to go outside and then brought out the bird feeders, refilling them as required. Then we went out for the first walk that wasn’t very far as my left glute was very sore. I have no idea why it is acting up and decided to use one of my walking sticks to help me move. It did help a bit, but we only walked a half mile before returning to the Caboose for breakfast.  

I made a bacon sandwich to go along with the coffee, but the dogs ate most of it as it did not hit the spot, I was hoping it would. Somehow, I must find something more appealing to go with the coffee. 

Following breakfast, I settled down in front of the computer to catch up with the blog. I have nothing planned for today. As I was sitting there, my friendly little squirrel was busy helping himself to birdseed. I do not mind him as he does not eat very much. Not like the deer who will empty the feeders whenever the opportunity arises.  

Maybe, that is not the right way to put it as technically, they are never “allowed” to eat the seed. It is always because for different and various reasons, I forget to bring in the feeders at night or sometimes, if I am away during the day. The deer are not a bit shy about coming into the park during daylight hours and helping themselves. 

While we were out walking this morning, I noticed water pouring out of my friend Gary’s rig.  I knew he was away and had no idea when he would return so I turned the water off at the main and then left a message with Malinda telling her the problem and asking her to get a hold of Gary. 

I thought no more about it until I saw his vehicle appear and wandered over a bit later to chat with him. Greg, his next-door neighbor, also stopped by, and Gary filled us in. Luckily, the problem was outside and in the storage compartments, and he did not sustain any interior water damage. 

Delores stopped by on her way to the Commons area to do some work and we chatted for a bit. Out of our group, her and Gary are the only ones left with Daniel and Malinda on a trip and the girls away visiting friends. 

We decided to go out for another walk because my left hip is really hurting and going out for short walks was better for me. When we came back, I sat and listened to an Audiobook and managed to come to the end of that story. I have another story already started so I will drop back onto that one before finding a whole new one. I just love Audiobooks. 

We sat for quite a while on the deck with first a wine that I was working on left over from last evening and then a can of beer. Finally, I decided that it was time to shut up shop but first, I remembered to bring in the bird feeders. I do not even put them away anywhere, just on the little table on the deck which is enough to frighten the deer off. Birds and squirrels are OK as they do not eat much. 

With everything put away, we adjourned back indoors as it was cooling off fast for the rest of the evening’s food and entertainment. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Saturday 10/14/2023

Inside The Caboose. The screen with the reflections is the TV. The blank area on the right is a window with the blind down.  

It was 9:00 am before we rolled out of bed after a very good night’s sleep and following the usual morning ablutions, we went through the routine of harnessing the dogs and bringing out the bird feeders. With that done, we went for a short walkabout. For some reason, Sandy was a reluctant walker, so we about turned and headed back to The Caboose. 

It was a nice sunny day with a bit of a breeze which had a nip to it as the temperature was a cool 65 degrees. Sitting up on the deck was very pleasant. 

 I moved back indoors and fed the dogs before fixing myself a breakfast patty sandwich. It was OK and as I was finishing it, both Delores and Gary appeared and sat on the outside table. 

Delores had dark shades with her and handed a pair to both of us so we could watch the full solar eclipse which was happening as we sat there. It was not a very exciting occurrence but still pretty awesome. I tried to take a picture of the event, but I guess the camera lens was just not strong enough and all I got was a complete circle of light. 

Eventually both went back to their RV’s, and we adjourned inside to write the blog. With the excitement of the eclipse gone, I looked around for other things to create something different in our normally mundane lives but could not come up with anything other than walking dogs and watching the Premier League. Oh well, it is good to have something out of the ordinary happen occasionally. 

Then I remembered that I needed to go into town to try and find the heavy-duty plastic square that is placed under desk chairs to help them move around better. Currently, my chair is sitting on the carpet, and it is not easy to scoot forwards or backwards as needed.  

I jumped in the rental car which, incidentally, sits lower to the ground than does the Jeep and we drove to the Home Depot in Dripping Springs. Unfortunately, they did not have anything that would work so I drove into Austin to the first Walmart’s who did not have what I needed either. 

I searched around for an Office Depot but could not find one close by and decided that today was not my day and bought a Latte at the nearest Starbucks and drove back to Dripping Springs. 

Later, Delores came over and we sat drinking wine and just chatting. Then Gary stopped by and the three of us sat and talked about all kinds of things. Gary recently had surgery for a facial problem and declined the offer of a glass of wine, so Delores and I drank his share. 

Both eventually left with Delores declining my offer to walk her home. She lives in the RV next door about 30 yards away so I guessed she would be OK. We adjourned indoors and watched a Premier League game and then I switched and watched 5 episodes of Yellowstone for the second time. Needless to say, it was late by the time I got to bed, and I quickly fell asleep. 

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