After going to bed late last evening or should I say early this morning, I did not wake up until 8:30 am. It did not matter as I have nothing of importance planned for today other than the usual dog walking, cleaning house and writing in the blog. 

I enjoy writing but have no imagination so all I can write about are things that are or have recently happened. I am more of a reporter than an author. The only exception to that rule is that I can sometimes come up with the occasional poem and even then, I need to be in a writing mood for the creative juices to flow and I always need a subject to write about. 

We went out for that first walk to the dumpster with our usual small bag of trash. Yesterday, when we were doing the same thing and walking across the grass, I found a dead squirrel. It was probably the one that had been visiting us, I could not see any visible signs of trauma so have no idea how or why it died. I picked it up and put it in the bag along with the trash although not for one minute did, I consider it to be that. I put it in the dumpster and murmured a few words over it and we moved on. I am sure that its soul has gone to that animal heaven in the sky. 

I shook off the gloom the incident had created within me, and we continued our walkabout. We only covered a little more than a half mile on that first walk before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. 

Sandy had one of those days where she did not touch her breakfast, which is always a worry as she needs her pills for her heart condition. So, it will be a game of waiting until she is ready to eat. I have to be careful to watch Mikey as he will eat her food in an instant and he does not need any of the expensive medication.  

BTW, the medication is in the form of a large pill that I crush up and sprinkle on her food. It costs $3:00 a pill. This is another reason why I get bothered when she does not eat it, apart from the obvious of her not taking the medicine health wise. She must take it twice a day as she has a heart murmur. 

The weather has changed quite considerably although it is not raining and there is a comparatively clear sky with a few clouds. However, the temperature has dropped a lot, and the overnight low was 46 degrees. Quite a change from just a couple of weeks ago. Today’s high is forecast to reach 71 degrees. I had to put on a jacket when we went walking this morning as the wind was cold. 

I brought us up to date with the posting and looked around for something else to get up to. I wrote a poem and posted it on the site. This one was about the bird feeders that I have and all the feathery friends that come and visit. 

We went out for another walk just around the park. Sandy was in the lead as she usually is and again, she did not want to go far, and we headed back to the RV where we sat outside with a small wine and potato chips listening to an Audiobook. It is kinda quiet with the girls and Daniel and Malinda away.  

Gary stopped by and chatted for a bit and eventually went on his way and as it had cooled off, would you believe, we went back inside to get out of the wind which had a real chill to it. There, I worked on the blog and brought it up to date not that much had happened since I did the same thing an hour ago.  

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. I found something to eat which was sufficient for its purpose but not particularly tasty. Not sure what is anymore. I used to like a good bowl of spaghetti covered in sauce and for a while, it was my favorite dish. Nowadays? Not so much.  

RV’ers like to do a lot of outdoor grilling and at any given mealtime, you will find campers with their grills, cooking up a storm. As I walk around with the dogs, the smell of cooking meat is often in the air. I have an outdoor grill but do not use it very often. I also have an electric grill indoors that I do use quite a bit to cook chicken and pork chops and such. It is a convenient gadget and easy to clean. 

I have been watching Yellowstone…again although it seems I must have missed several episodes as I cannot recall ever watching them before. In retrospect, I would have loved to have been a cowboy working outside all the time, riding a horse and living the rough and tumble life of a wrangler. OK, maybe not… 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Monday 10/16/2023

The friendly donkeys with the lone Zebra in the background. They all hang out together.
I got up late, surprise, surprise and discovered that the deer or some other nighttime animal had discovered where I kept the bird feeders at night. It was not difficult as they were on the small table next to the outdoor couch. Whatever had knocked them over had seed everywhere but luckily, most of it stayed on the glass tabletop and I was able to sweep it up and re-use it. Now, I will have to bring the feeders onto the top deck so whatever animal it was, cannot get at them. I refilled them and rehung the feeders and we went out walking the park. We wandered around for a bit before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. I sat and worked on the blog as I ate taquitos which incidentally, both dogs really like. They had more than I did. 

Daniel and Jeff were out with their trucks and trailers transporting stuff from the other campsite that is closing at the end of this month. I imagine there is a lot of stuff for them to move and only the rest of this month to do it in. 

I decided to go into Austin, well actually, Bee Cave to the Office Depot located there which is a little closer than going into Austin. I needed a desk mat to fit under my desk so that the office chair can roll around easier than on the carpet. I looked it up on the web first to make sure they had something close to what I wanted, which they did. 

“Mat” is not really a good description of what I was looking for as it brings up visions of a carpet like substance. What I wanted was either plastic or wood or something similar. What I found and settled on was a 2-inch wooded slat unit joined together to form a roll up mat. It was big enough for my needs and nice to look at. It cost me $120.00 but it is well worth it as now I can manipulate my desk chair to wherever I want without fighting the already installed carpet. As I spend a lot of my time at this desk, I consider it money well spent. I also bought another cable to replace the one on the portable speaker that broke the other day. 

With my purchases safely in my car, I headed back to Dripping Springs. I am not sure if it was my imagination, but the traffic fairly zipped along well above the speed limit of 60 mph. I did not complain, as I just kept up with the traffic and in no time flat, well OK, 30 minutes, I was back in Dripping Springs. Add another 15 minutes to that and I was home. 

I spotted a pair of small deer as I drove down Henly Loop but was not able to get a picture of them. Arriving back at the RV created some excitement especially when I started to move furniture around. The dogs tried to help but as usual. only managed to get in the way. I finally got the new desk mat installed and at the same time, tidied up my desk as it was gathering trash. I also spent time tidying up the RV as it needed it. 

With excitement of installing a new floor mat all finished, I sat down at the reorganized desk and played catchup with the blog and brought it up to date. Then it was walkies time and we harnessed up and hit the road. OK, most of it was withing the park so I guess I should say park roads. Back in the RV, we sat on the outside deck and listened to an Audiobook and drank a mini bottle of wine. Eventually, we went back inside and after making dinner for us all, I managed to get engrossed in Yellowstone until it was bedtime. Only then did I remember to bring in the bird feeders which of course were empty as the deer had visited and ate their fill. Oh well…I brought in the empty feeders anyway although I had no reason to at that point. 

I think the dogs are in collusion with the deer as they never bark when we are inside the RV. They must hear them as there are usually a couple. They bark if they see them in the daylight. Maybe the dogs are scared of things that go bump in the night.

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