It was almost 10:00 am before I even woke up and I have no idea why I slept so long and so late. Must have needed sleep to do something like that. Doesn’t matter much as I have no plans or appointments for today.  
I knew that I had to refill the feeders as I had forgotten to bring them in last night and when I remembered, the deer had already stopped by and emptied them. No biggie as I still had enough seed to refill them which I did before rehanging them. Then, we went out walking and covered about a half mile before returning for breakfast. My hip was sore, and it slowed us down and cut us back on the distance. I wish the darn thing would get better. I notice that as I age, my balance is not so good, and I must be more careful than in the past. Oh well, at least I am still alive and relatively healthy. 

For a change, I heated up some left-over baked beans and had beans on toast which actually tasted pretty good. Then there’s the coffee. What would life be without that early morning pick me up. Back in England when I lived there, it was always that first cup of tea but probably things have changed because of the rapid Americanization of the world. I must admit that I changed with it and now coffee is my choice of drink although I still drink the occasional cuppa. 

It was quiet out when we walked around the park and I had nothing planned for the rest of the day except the usual, walking and writing and cleaning up the RV which doesn’t get very messed up anyway. I am not the tidiest of people and things tend to get put on chairs or on countertops and such or any flat surface that happens to be available. Even with such a small space, I can never find anything and most of the time, it is right under my nose. 

We sat outside on the deck and watched the activity within the park. There is a couple right across from me that have a regular van that they have converted into an RV. It obviously does not have much room, so they have storage boxes neatly stacked around the outside of the van. I do not think they have much room to live in and for me, it would not be enough space as demonstrated by the different RV’s I have owned in my comparatively short time of living the RV life. 

It started to cool off and we moved back inside of The Caboose for the regular evening meal. I forgot the bird feeders …again but this time, only one was empty. I brought them in and put them on the deck out of the deer’s way and shut up shop for yet another day. 

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