Dancing up a storm with BJ.

The morning started like any other as I crawled out of bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. At least for us. The dogs usually stay in bed until I have finished showering and have gone back into the bedroom to put on clothes. Then they will wake up or at least move around as they both look for the first petting of the day. 

I put out the bird feeders as we usually do and then we went walking around the park and on the bottom road and managed to cover 7/10 of a mile. My hip was a little better although I could still feel it, but it was not quite so painful. 

Back in the RV, I fixed the dog’s breakfast and Sandy ate hers meaning that she took her pill too. I ate a Burrito which was just OK from my perspective and the dogs got their share. Thank goodness for the coffee. 

I had nothing planned for today although when I checked messages, I had one from the repair shop letting me know the current standings with the repairs to the Jeep. It is still at least a week away from being completed. 

I continued writing in the blog and caught us up to date and then looked around for other things to get up to. Later, I took the dogs out for a walk, and we wandered around. We never really ever have any place in mind when we go walking, mostly trying to stay in the shade although it is much cooler now. In the afternoon, we always include visiting the mailbox just in case somebody sends me something. You never know… 

I sat and listened to an Audiobook for a while and Gary stopped by and we visited for a half an hour or so before he left. Daniel had spotted me up on the porch and whistled and waved, inviting me over for a beer. I put the dogs inside and wandered over and ran into Gary again as he was sitting and chatting too. 

Two beers later, I walked back to The Caboose and took the dogs out for the final walk of the day. I spotted the girls outside of their RV so I walked over to see if I could make a nuisance of myself with them. When I got there, Daniel and Malinda were already there along with Delores. 

We sat and chatted and drank beer until it was all gone. Then the girls brought out the hard stuff and like an idiot, I tried some of it. Actually, it tasted great, but it has a kick like a mule although it kinda sneaks up on you. You would think that I would learn after the stuff that Malinda served us a while ago but no, I just had to try it. 
Apparently, I needed help to walk back home, and the girls, BJ, Peggy and Delores all rallied around to perform that very difficult task of walking me back to my RV. Bottom line is that Delores was holding me up and somehow, we fell in a heap which brought roars of laughter from the others. I had a couple of little scrapes and Delores told me later that I had bloodied up her shirt with one of my cuts. Incidentally, I had landed on Delores, so she had broken my fall. Very nice of her to do that…With Delores on one side and BJ on the other and Peggy leading the dogs, they frog marched me back to my RV, unlocked the door and pushed me inside. I can’t have been too bad as I managed to put myself to bed and quickly passed out. Or maybe the girls put me to bed and haven’t told me yet as I was in no position to do anything about it, 

I had completely forgotten about bringing in the bird feeders and of course, in the morning, they were empty but that is a different story for another day…From what I can remember, I had a good time, I think… 

Such are the dangers of living in an RV Park with a bunch of crazy friends. 

Written 10/18/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com