It rained heavily in the night but after hearing the initial downfall, I fell back off to sleep waking up only for the call of Nature. I must have been tired as when I finally awoke to actually get up, it was almost 9:30 am. It doesn’t matter as we have no plans for the day. 

We went out for the first walk and managed to get wet as it rained while we were out. The dogs did not seem to mind except for a lot more shakes to get the water off. Needless to say, we did not cover any distance this time around. 

Back in the RV, I dried the dogs off and changed my wet shirt. I also remembered to close the bedroom door to keep Sandy off the bed as she was still pretty wet even after I had toweled them both off. 

I prepared the dogs their breakfast which neither of them ate. Now, I need to keep an eye on Sandy’s so that Mikey does not eat her medication. It would not hurt him but at $3.00 a pill. It hurts my pocketbook, and she doesn’t get the benefit. 

It rained off and, on all day, very much restricting any outside activity we might have planned. I did not bring out the smaller bird feeders, but the birds still have the four big feeders in the trees and off the deck. I am not expecting many birds out in the rain anyway. One good thing about it raining is that I can raise all the blinds within the RV to give us more daylight. Normally, except for the big front windows, the blinds are down to help keep the RV cool. The front ones face away from the sun, and I can keep them up except at night. 

RVs are notorious for not having good insulation as the walls and ceiling are only two inches thick. Usually, they have several windows which also let in the sun’s heat requiring that the blinds are pulled down during the day. Because they are constantly working, the air conditioners are subject to many repairs and/or replacement over their lifetimes. 

I have two A/C units. One is for the main living area and the other is for the bedroom and they both operate independent of the other depending on the need. Incidentally, there is only one heating unit, and it supplies hot air through ducts that are under the RV with the vents in the floor. Plus, I do have an electric fireplace that does throw off some heat and is pretty to look at. I also have a couple of moveable heaters just in case I need them when it is very cold. 

I sat and wrote for a while until I was caught up and then looked around for other things to do. Not finding anything of importance, I sat on the couch with a dog on either side of me. We stayed there a couple of hours sort of dozing in the comfort. Eventually, I got up and we went out for the afternoon walk. We managed to bring our daily total up to 1.3 miles, which is what we have managed for the past 3 days. Not as good as I would like but walking out in the rain is not very appealing to me or the dogs. 

My hip is hurting more than ever and is slowing me down. The walking stick that I just bought is a real help and helps me get around. Following our walk, we sat on the deck and drank a couple of tiny bottles of wine. It began to get dark, and we came back inside, and I finished writing the blog for today. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food for the dogs, food for me and then watching television at whatever ungodly hour I stayed up. I have been watching Yellowstone and it has kept me glued to the TV until the early hours of the morning.

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