One of the tree feeders.

I had another of those mornings when I slept late. Not just lying in bed snoozing but actually sleeping and waking up around 9:30 am. Maybe, I should be worried that I sleep late but as we have nothing planned, to hell with it. It had already rained very heavily and was still raining lightly when we went out for the first walk. We only went as far as the dumpster and completed the circle around the Commons area before returning to the RV. 

The forecast is for it to rain off and on all day. We desperately need the rain as most of the lakes, ponds and even the smaller rivers have dried up. 

I had a couple of household chores that I needed to do and then settled down to the usual breakfast and coffee. Again, I cannot get Sandy to eat her medication which is mixed up in her food. I have tried all different kinds of things to mix but she just eats what she likes and ignores the rest which includes the crushed-up pill. Stupid dog. Doesn’t she know that we are trying to extend her life and manage her heart problem. It is so frustrating. Incidentally, if Mikey has a heart problem, he gets free medication as he eats her food when I am not looking after she has abandoned it. 

I caught up on the blog which was not hard to do as nothing much has happened yet and then took the dogs out for a short walk in between the rain showers. Then, after toweling them off to a somewhat dryer state, I decided that I should go to HEB for groceries and the inevitable beer. 

I jumped in the rental car and made the trip into town. I thought that I needed something from Home Depot, but I could not for the life of me, remember what it was. Instead, I went to the HEB which is located right next door. I had a list but of course added a few extras as I wandered around. When I reached the beer section, I loaded two 24 packs onto my cart, my share of the entertainment goodies. For myself, it was a couple of four packs of the very small wine plus one full size bottle to add to my collection. 

The drive home was uneventful which is the way I like it. As usual, I had a lot of help putting the groceries away with noses thrust into bags to get the good smells but despite the “help”. I managed to put everything away. Then it was walkies time and we wandered around the park. It had left off raining and the sun was trying to shine as we ambled around. 

When we got back, we sat outside for a bit watching the world go by and then I heard a shout from the direction of The Girls RV. Looking up, I saw Peggy waving at me and beckoning me to come on over which I did as I always obey the directions given me by pretty ladies. Heck, you never know, and I might get lucky and find a beer at the end of the wave. That is the best I can hope for as I am too bloody old for anything else except memories. 

I hadn’t been at the girls RV for 5 minutes and Malinda, Daniel and Remington showed up and the party really started. The girls had run out of beer, and I had brought a six pack with me and when Malinda arrived, Daniel was carrying a couple more six packs and so the party started, 

The girls had been experimenting and had cooked something else that looked like a pizza but had different ingredients. Then when it was finished, they brought out a real pizza which we all pigged out on. Me, I managed to eat some of each, but I do not have the capacity to eat a large amount of food, which is probably a good thing. 

The liquor was safely locked up inside of the Girls RV and we made do with beer. I only had a couple of cans and remained sober for a change. When it was time, I walked myself back to The Caboose and spent the rest of the evening watching a Premier League game and then more episodes of Yellowstone. 

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