Find the deer in the trees. They are to the right of the picture.

While I was dozing but not asleep. I had been thinking of the things I needed to do when I eventually got up. One of them was to call the repair shop where the Jeep is to confirm that it will be ready on Thursday. Depending on their response, they will decide how much longer I need to keep the rental car. Before I was able to make that call, I got a text message from them telling me that they were on schedule. So, based on that message, I went ahead with the rental car for four more days. 

It has been a very expensive crash for both the deer who died and me as the cost of the repair has now risen to just over $10,000 of which, my insurance company is only paying around $8.000. That does not include the cost of the rental, which is now around $1600.00. Big sigh… 

I finally got up with all these thoughts running through my mind and prepared for the day ahead. It had rained in the night, and everything was wet with more rain in the forecast. It was also very cold with the temperature hovering around 38 degrees. Still, the dogs had to walk, and they were ready to go, which left me no alternative but to brave it all and get out there walking. 

We did a couple of circuits of the park which was enough for them to do their business but was not very far distance wise before returning to the RV for breakfast which, incidentally, both dogs ate. I found something for myself which was unappetizing, and the dogs ate half of it. I guess it suited their palate. My coffee tasted good though. 

Then Daniel pulled up on his 4-wheeler and said he could use some help. I put on my boots and two jackets as it had really cooled off and we went out and about, filling gas bottles and working in the Well House. Well. Daniel worked and as I had no clue what he was doing, my role was to fetch and carry and hand him the occasional tool or part. 

Time flew by and before I knew it, it was almost 4:00 pm. By this time, we had worked our way to the Club house and was drinking coffee. Both Gary and Malinda joined us as we headed out on one more adventure and between us, we accomplished a couple more things before adjourning to the Break Room for yet another coffee break. 

Eventually, I left the group and headed back to The Caboose where I harnessed up the dogs for the last walk about of the day before heading back to The Caboose for the evening. It started to rain again at the end of our walk, and I very happily adjourned back inside for the usual evening’s meal and entertainment. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Tuesday 10/31/2023

I got up early to use the bathroom and noticed that it was cold inside the RV. I guessed that probably one of the gas bottles had run out, obviously the one hooked up to the unit. I went back under the covers and snuggled with Mikey who had also crawled under there as well. Sandy was still on top of the bed, but I had dragged the covers up over her and she seemed content to lay there all snuggled up. 

I got up and rapidly put clothes on to ward off the chill and put up the blinds to let in the sunlight to help warm the place. Then I went outside and changed gas bottles. The heat immediately came on and the temperature slowly began to rise inside of the RV. 

I found my tracksuit and put it on, and we went out for the morning walk. This time, we wandered around and then walked the Loop towards Hwy 290. The dogs were all fired up with the brisk temperature and we managed to cover 1.1 miles before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. 

I spent some time working on the blog and bringing it up to date. We have nothing planned for today, but we are going out to eat to celebrate Daniels birthday later this evening. I messed around with both of my computers trying to get the old one to open to show me what program I used to work on the pictures. So far, not much luck. 

I gave up on the computers as a bad job as I was getting frustrated that I could not make them work the way I wanted them to and looked around for something else to do. . 

We went out for another walk as it was getting close to the time when the girls were going to pick me up. We had a good day walking and managed to cover 2.6 miles. 

Around 5:15 pm, the girls stopped by the RV, and I jumped into the car with them. This time, we were going to a Chinese place named Simply Pho. It will make a change from the Mexican food we normally eat. 

There were three of us in the car, the girls and me with BJ the driver, as usual. Why not as that is what she does for a living anyway as a School Bus Driver. She knew where we were going and found the place without any trouble. We were the last ones to arrive as Daniel, Malinda and Gary had arrived in one car. Jeff and xxx in another, we came in BJ’s car and Delores drove herself. 

The food was excellent, and I managed to eat the entire plateful which is the first time I have managed that for a while. Others were bringing home Doggie bags just as I usually do but I had made a good decision on which dish to get and cleaned it all up. 

The drive home was uneventful, and we arrived back safe and sound, in my case to be met by a couple of excited little dogs. We adjourned indoors for the evening and as the television was playing up, went to bed around 9:30 pm. Just as well as I was tired and had an uneventful and good night’s sleep. 

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