Another month has flown by and now we are in November. Like I say every month, I have no idea where the time goes but it sure flies by fast. 

Our first walk was uneventful, and we just wandered around. It was cold outside with a definite chill in the air, a reminder that we are now in winter. It has come a bit early this year and I hope it is not a sign of a very cold and hard one as I dislike cold weather. The ten years I spent in New York State has put me off cold weather forever.   

Of course, there is no comparison between New York and Texas winters. You can guarantee that New York will have cold freezing weather and lots of snow every year whereas here in Texas, we might get a couple of weeks of cold weather and maybe even snow at the same time, but nothing lasts very long at least in my part of the State. 

I had just returned from the walk and Daniel stopped by and told me it was coffee time in the Breakroom. I wandered over after putting the dogs back in the RV and we sat there chatting and drinking coffee when one of the owners, Sarah, stopped by to talk to Daniel.  They talked business for a while and then she left. 

That was our cue to go on a gas run around the park, picking up the empties that needed refilling. I don’t do much on these trips and truthfully, I think Daniel just needs the company which I am more than willing to share. I jump off the 4-wheeler and open the tailgates and lift empty bottles back onto the rig. 

When we had all the empties that tenants had put out for refill, we drove back to the Propane Gas Station and there, I lifted the filled bottles back onto the 4-wheeler. Then with them all re-filled, we made a run back around the park dropping them off at the individual campsites. In a couple of cases, due to circumstances known only to Daniel, he hooks the tanks back up to the unit. In others, the full tanks are just set beside the rig. This usually happens when the rig owner has a third bottle as a spare and the other two are not empty. 

With the gas run finished for another couple of days, Daniel no longer needed my help, what little I could give that is and I walked back to the RV. I made a big fuss of the dogs and got a lot back in return and even though it was now around mid-day, fixed myself another coffee and breakfast. The dogs helped me to eat the sandwich and then I settled down in front of the computer to work on the blog. 

I was looking out the window at the birds as they worked the big feeders close to the deck and noticed that they hardly spent any time on them. I went out to look and discovered that the rain had rotted the layer of seed that had gotten wet. I spent time cleaning out this mess so that new clean seeds would flow. I must remember to bring in these seed containers when it rains. They are the type that have big flat bottom trays and the seed flows out of the main holder onto the tray. 

I looked around for other things to get up to and found a few things that needed my attention. I took care of them and then sat on the couch with the dogs listening to an Audiobook. That was after we had tried sitting outside but it was too cool for comfort, and we adjourned inside. The next thing I knew was waking up with it being almost dark outside, 

I quickly harnessed up the dogs and we went out for a quick walkabout around the park before returning to The Caboose where I sat down in front of the computer to play catch up with today, Then I remembered that I had not brought in the bird feeders and did that before the deer got after them. This time, when I closed the door, I hoped it would be the last time for today, 

All that was left was the usual evening meal and feed the dogs followed by watching Television. 

Written 10/31/2023. Read my other blog at