I awoke totally frustrated with my wasted experience of the day before when I had tried to renew my Driver’s License. Putting it behind me as just another bad experience, I harnessed up the dogs and we went walk about around the park. We got to meet and sometimes greet other dogs depending on doggy attitudes as usually, the dog owners are more than willing to stop and chat. 

I brought out the bird feeders and we adjourned back inside for breakfast and, that all important, coffee before deciding what we should do for the rest of the day. I had nothing planned and none of the Offices that I needed to visit were open this being a Saturday and all. 

I had a few of the regular household chores that needed doing such as throwing in a load of laundry which did its thing as I worked on other things like catching up with the blog. 

I also sat around a lot and several times, caught myself dozing off. Each time, I would shake myself awake only for it to happen again 15 minutes later. To get over the sleepy feeling, we went out walking again. 

I had not been back too long and was sitting on the deck when Daniel whistled at me. I wandered over with the dogs to find that girls were already there, and later Gary joined us. We sat there drinking beer and spinning yarns. It was almost dark when I wandered back to my RV and brought in the bird feeders and shut up shop for the night. 

A very quiet day indeed. 

Written 11/04/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Sunday 11/05/2023

I got up at what I thought was late only then to remember that the clocks had changed last evening from Summertime to regular time. Instead of it being 9:00 am, it was only 8:00 and I was up early.  

We harnessed up and we walked around the park and managed to walk a mile before breakfast. I had a few chores to do as is usual for our lifestyle but some of it was make work to stay busy. 

As I usually do, I combine eating breakfast with working on the blog so consequently, breakfast is something simple and easy to prepare. Often, it is a Burrito which only needs to be warmed up and depending on the type, can be very flavorful. 

With the blog all caught up, I looked around for other things to do and managed to find a couple of items that needed work.  

I had already received an invitation to join Daniel and Malinda, which I did by wandering over to their RV. We sat and drank a couple of beers while Daniel had his outside grille going cooking up the meat for the evening’s entertainment. The girls joined us, bringing their contribution to the meal as they always do. 

When Daniel declared the meat cooked, we all wandered over to the Commons where we were joined by Delores and Gary. We feasted on the meat that Daniel had cooked along with a whole bunch of side dishes, and it was delicious.  

Incidentally, Mikey and Sandy both benefitted as they had the pieces of fat and such that we did not eat which I mixed in with their food when I eventually fed them. 

It was a fun get-together and an evening well spent with good food, good drink, and even better company. 

Written 11/05/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com