I had noticed that the grey tank was getting full as the water was not draining out of the bathroom sink and my first chore of the day was to empty the tanks. It is not that it is an unpleasant job as all I do is open a couple of valves. When the tanks are empty, indicated by nothing flowing out, the valves are closed. This is especially important on the black tank which, for you uninitiated needs to be closed to keep the liquid in the tank because if it drains out, it leaves the solids behind which are difficult to move without connecting a hose pipe to backflush the solids out. By keeping the valve closed and keeping the liquid, the solids break down and flush out with the other liquid. Everything is enclosed and there is no real fear of a flood. A couple of my connections are of clear plastic so I can see what is going on during the flush. 

Incidentally, back when I first started RV’ing and did not know what I was doing, I inadvertently left a faucet running which apart from wasting water, is no big deal in a house. In an RV, there is only limited space to store fluids in any of the tanks and if attention is not paid to the levels, it is possible for the toilet, or shower to overflow through the backed-up drains. The first mistake I realized was to see a steady stream of water flowing through the RV and out of the door. 

I was lucky that time and nothing was damaged, but I have heard horror stories of people having to have new floors installed and other damaged items replaced. 

We harnessed up and went out walking Just wandering around wherever Miss Sandy decided she wanted to go. Me and Mikey, like the obedient servants that we are just meekly following along behind. The only time I interfere is to get her to go in the general direction that we need to go or if a car comes past and such. 

I always keep one eye on the ground close to the dogs when they choose to walk in the grass, just in case. Today, we saw the biggest centipede or maybe it was a millipede as I do not know the difference. I do know that this thing was at least 6 inches long. It was crossing the road and we made sure that it reached the other side safely. I also made sure that the dogs did not get too close with their curiosity. 

Back in the RV, I fixed us breakfast and coffee for me. Then, I caught up with the blog which was a couple of days behind. I had the hardest time recalling things that had happened that long ago. My memory is definitely getting worse, and it will not be long before I will need to carry a notebook and take notes as the day progresses. Maybe a tape recorder would be better. Something to remind me and keep my thoughts in order. 

I worked on the blog posting a couple and organizing the rest, so they were in some sort of order. This took a while before I was satisfied that things were hunky-dory. Now I am extended a week ahead which gives me a little leeway although, if I do not stay caught up, then the chances of recalling anything of interest that may have happened is null and void. 

We sat around while I worked on the blog. I needed to work on the different postings and bring them up to date. It took a while as for some reason, things were out of order, but I eventually got everything straightened out. 

We went out for another walk and ran into Daniel who asked me to walk with him to the Girl’s RV where there was a water leak. It was just a very slow drip but does need to work. I think he just needed company which I was more than happy to supply. 

Finally, I continued with our walk around the park and then adjourned back to The Caboose for the evening meal and to watch whatever I could find on the TV. 

Written 11/06/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com