I have given up worrying about what time I get up in the mornings. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter as I have nothing planned. On the days when I do have something going on, I set an alarm to make sure I wake up early enough, whatever time that may be. Regardless of the time I am out and about, Daniel, who is an early riser and Gary, another one of that particular group, always give me a hard time.  

The way I see it, after a lifetime of waking up early to please “the man”, I am entitled to sleep in now that I can. 

We went out for a walk, and I forgot to bring out the bird feeders before we left and had to do that upon our return. The dogs just watched, not very interested in what I was doing as they had seen it many times before. Besides, it was nothing they could eat or bark at. 

I fixed breakfast all around and coffee for me. It seems the only thing I find enjoyable for breakfast is a Bean Burrito. Nothing else is very appetizing. Another drawback from getting old, I guess. Sandy cleaned up her bowl, but Mikey did not eat his. He does not seem to be a breakfast dog even if breakfast is served around noon time. 

I read the morning news, and it was all about Trump who is not my favorite person. Then I turned my attention to answering, or at least reading, emails. None of them were earth shattering and none required anything from me except to push the delete button. That is the trouble with emails, if you don’t read them, there may be something important mixed in there somewhere.  

It is hard to imagine that somewhere out there is a person or persons whose main job in life is to write annoying and/or useless emails to others to swindle them out of some money. Even the sites that I do contribute to, which, by the way, are all animal or conservation sites, get to be a bit much with some of the things they post. This is the world we live in where one half is trying to convince people they need this, whatever “this” is. 

I liked it best when I was a kid growing up in England and to us, television was a modern marvel, and the only phones were clunky desktop or wall hung models. Cell phones and emails were not yet invented. Heck, most homes did not even have a phone and a TV was a luxury. Those were the good old days when life was so much simpler than it is now. 

As I can’t do anything about the way the world is changing and as I probably only have a couple more years to worry about it, if I am lucky, I won’t. 

I went online to make a reservation to go to my local DPS office to renew my Driver’s License and the soonest I can get in is not for almost 4 months on the 14th of February. Now, that is Valentines Day, so I hope the office staff show me some love. 
Discouraged by the news, I looked for other things to do but could not find anything to cheer me up. So, instead, we went out walking and started going down the hill from the campsite. After a bit Miss Sandy decided that she did not want to go down and instead, reversed direction and took us back up towards the campground. 

We stopped by our friends, Larry and Crystal, who made a fuss of the dogs as they usually do. Sandy got her share and more of the treats and Mikey settled for just one that he ate. 

We continued our walk and headed for the Mailbox just in case we had mail, which we did not as it happened. From there, it was the short walk home back to The Caboose where we sat outside until it was dark, listening to an Audiobook and watching my small world go by. 

Written 11/07/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com