I looked out of the window and saw that Daniel, Gary and Greg were sitting by the Breakroom but by the time I had finished taking a shower and throwing on some clothes, they were gone. We went out walking anyway after bringing out the bird feeders and managed to cover 1.2 miles on that first walk of the day. 

Both dogs are so busy checking things out and as we usually cover the same trails that other dogs have already walked; we do not make any time. In fact, we are downright slow. Still, it doesn’t matter as usually, we have nowhere to go that demands our attention or that we need to be in a hurry for.

Back inside the RV, I fed both dogs and then myself and made coffee for me. I had a few chores to do which I quickly took care of before turning my attention to the blog. Mikey is a firm believer that he needs to help with the blog writing so consequently, he tries to sit on my lap while I am working which does make it a bit more difficult, Still, he is such a lovable little guy, I can’t resist his needs and sometimes, I type one handed while the other is stroking him. It doesn’t slow my typing down using one hand as I am not a fast typist anyway. 

Sandy, on the other hand, lays on the bed until I bring her food in to her. It is always touch and go to see if she will finish the bowl or will pick out the best parts and leave the rest. As her morning pill is mixed in with the food, it is important that she licks the bowl clean. 

With the food and drink out of the way for the morning, I turned my attention to the blog with the usual struggle in trying to remember things that we did and are worth writing about. 

Most days are pretty much the same unless a trip to the supermarket is included after any household chores that need doing like maybe a load of laundry or making the bed and that sort of thing, I turn my attention to first perusing the mail just in case there is something that I need to look at. Usually, there is nothing for me to worry about and then I turn to the blog. I sit and think really hard about what occurred during yesterday and can usually drag it from the depths of my memories after much thought. 

I wrote for a while and caught up and decided to go into town on a shopping run. I had a list as I have been known to completely forget the most important thing on the list, whatever it may be. 

The first stop was the Home Depot as I needed the sticky pads to place under the corners of the mats to keep them in place. The three mats I have in the main living area are no longer staying even with the sticky pads on the back. It was my fault as after I had the mats in place the first time around, the dogs in their energetic wrestling matches managed to move them and they are no longer stuck or even sticky.

I found what I wanted and then moved on to HEB located almost right next door. This time, I did have a list as I cannot trust my brain to remember what it is I came in for. Most of it was the usual stuff I routinely buy but every now and then, something different will catch my eye and it sneaks into my basket. 

The one constant when I go grocery shopping is to buy beer for the group. As I have said many times before, I can’t cook worth a damn so my contribution is to supply the beer usually in the form of a case of 24, I have very strict instructions on what brand and type I have to buy and if I get it wrong, get severely chastised almost to the point of having to take it back or worse yet, made to drink it can after can until either I am drunk, passed out or both. 

Just kidding as none of the beer is wasted and regardless of the brand, is always consumed. While I was at it, I bought a couple of the small 4 pack of wines plus two large bottles for my own personal consumption. 

My first stop when I reached home was at Daniel and Malinda’s RV to drop off the group beer and was told to come over to drink one. I unloaded the Jeep (what a nice thing to say) and put the groceries away. Then we harnessed up and went out walking the park and by the time we were through, we had covered 2.5 miles for the day. Love walking those supermarkets… 

We finished up drinking a beer or three over at Daniel’s and Malinda’s RV. Delores was there, and we just sat and chatted until it started to get dark and then Delores and I both left together as we both had to go in the same direction, saying “Goodnight” to each other, I went inside and shut up shop for another day. 

The day ended in the usual fashion of food for both me and the dogs and then watching the usual television, 

Written 11/08/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com