I awoke without knowing what time it was after yesterday’s fiasco of losing my phone as I had left it charging in the other room. At least this time, I knew where it was. I had to get up for the call of Nature and checked on the time while I was at it and saw that it was about 8:15 am. I decided that I should get up even though we have nothing planned for the day. 

I put some clothes on after the usual shave and shampoo and harnessed up the dogs for their first walk about and ran into Daniel who was working on the girls RV. I stopped to chat, and he said that it was time for coffee in the Breakroom. I put the dogs away in the RV and wandered over for that coffee. Delores was already there, and we spent time chatting to her before we got a message from Peggy to go over for breakfast. 

We did not need a second invitation and we both made our way to their RV and then for the next 30 minutes or so sat chatting and eating breakfast tacos and drinking more coffee. Delores had other business, or she would have been with us. Eventually, Daniel left to go about his business, and I sat and chatted to the girls for at least another half hour before heading back to the RV. 

I glanced out of the window and saw Kerry walking up the road and went out to say hello to her as she and Chris had just pulled back in after taking a trip up North. They are only staying a couple of weeks and then plan on taking off again. 
It had come on to a light rain as I headed back to the RV where I made a fuss of the dogs and then settled down to catch up with the blog which was easy as nothing much had happened. I suppose that waking up is an event, but I am not sure if it is worth reporting. After all, if I was not awake, I could not write. 

We went out walking again which is what we do if I have nothing going on and am bored with being indoors. I take it out on the dogs by making them walk but I don’t think they mind too much. Usually, the high points of any of our walks is (1) the dogs get exercise, (2) the dogs both “poop”, (3) Sandy walks in a straight line, yeah, right (4) Mikey stops tangling me up in the leash and we walk 2 miles????? I try to get 2 miles of exercise a day but in truth, anything over a mile is good. On my own, I could easily walk 2-3 miles, but the dogs really slow me down plus we do not make any speed as it is all sniff and go. 

We finished the walk and shut up shop for the day. Now that it gets dark so much earlier, we are back in the RV usually by 5:30 pm and preparing for the rest of the evening with food, drink, and television. 

Written 11/10/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Saturday 11/11/2023

I awoke early while it was still dark outside because I was cold. I fished out another quilt and covered us up as it was way too early to think about getting up especially for me. I knew what the problem was as it has happened before. The gas bottle had run out and so the heater was not working, and the RV was like an ice box. Me and the dogs snuggled under the covers and warmed each other up until I got up and put on my track suit to go outside and switch over the bottles. I always have a spare one filled for just such occasions as there is no way of knowing when a bottle will run out. It is not a big job to change them, and I am still able to manhandle them into position. Incidentally, the gauges that I bought register two things, full and then empty with nothing in between. 

I thought about crawling back under the covers and finding me a warm dog to cuddle while the place warmed up but, in the end, I got up ready to face the day. I had to be up early anyway as I had arranged with Daniel that we would drive into town. 

We went out walking and just wandered around for a bit, enough for the dogs to do their thing. Then it was back to The Caboose to feed them and get ready to go with Daniel. Even before I was ready, he was at my door in Malinda’s truck waiting patiently for me. 

We drove to a place called Don’s OH in Oak Hill where we ordered breakfast. Daniel ordered the Barbacoa Plate and I ordered Huevos Rancheros. As usual, there was more food than I could eat but not enough for a To Go box. Then it was back in the truck to the nearest shopping center where we visited a couple of outdoor type stores. I bought a new cap in one of them as my old one is so sweat stained it looks pretty disgusting. Daniel bought a whole bunch of hunting gear as I guess he is planning a trip. 

We drove back and this time, I got Daniel to drive past my old house so I could show it to him. It was on our way home anyway so no biggie. We took the back way to Dripping Springs and eventually Henly just for a change where we parted company. It was a fun morning, and I was very pleased that Daniel had asked me to go with him. 

Back at The Caboose, I filled the bird feeders and had just enough seed to do it before I ran out. I must put bird seed on my next shopping trip. With the feeders taken care of, I checked the gas bottles and made sure that in my sleepy state I had tightened the valve properly. Then, it was back inside the RV which had now warmed up very nicely to work on the blog. 

It was a dull and gloomy day, the sort that just shouted out loud to not go outside. I had no reason to other than to take care of the gas bottle. 

The rest of the day was spent on chores, walking dogs, TV, and food and drink. 

Written 11/12/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com