It was a cloudy, dull and miserable day although it did not rain while we were out walking but it was quite nippy, and I was glad of the jacket I had on. We wandered around and saw a couple of other brave souls walking their dogs.  As every dog owner knows, dogs have got to be walked both for exercise and to do their business. 

I was almost back at the RV and saw Peggy climbing the steps. I gave her a shout and then caught up with her only to discover that she had walked over with breakfast for me. The girls are such sweet ladies and so very thoughtful. 

I adjourned back indoors and figured that unless something serious comes up, that is where I will spend most of the day. I can usually find plenty to do and if not, can always take a nap. That pleases the dogs to no end. 

I ate the breakfast and made coffee after I fed the dogs. They always come first if there is anything that involves them, which of course, includes food. I rewarmed the pancakes that Peggy had brought over and ate them. The dogs got little tasters which they enjoyed immensely. 

With breakfast out of the way, I seriously thought about going into town as I needed a couple of things. As the weather was not the greatest, I decided to put that off until tomorrow. Besides, it was Sunday, and I was out of the small bottles of wine although I knew that I could buy them if I had wanted to drive in. I was just looking for a reason not to move out of my warm house. 

I caught up with the blog and then messed around with both computers trying to get the new one to import pictures so I could work on them but to no avail. What makes it worse is that the old one will not import anymore either. I guess, I have really messed them up. 

I finally gave up on the computers and sat on the couch, which was my first mistake. With a dog on either side and feeling warm and cuddly, in no time flat I had dropped off to sleep. We snoozed for about 30 minutes and when we awoke, we went out for that final walk of the day. 

Back in the RV, it was food time which I took care of although I was not that hungry. The ice cream tasted good though. 

Then it was time for the usual evening’s entertainment of watching the English Premier League. I watched Brighton although Solly will not be playing until next year due to his injuries. Incidentally, with it getting darker earlier, I adjourn indoors much sooner than I normally did and so everything is moved forward. Consequently, I went to bed around 9:15 pm which a month ago was unheard of. 

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