Happy Trails

Of all of the things I ever wished
very few of them come true
and those that did were probably by chance
sometimes just like wishes do
I have wished for many things
often at different times of stress
hoping that by wishing hard
things will change and hurt much less
which is really quite absurd
for wishes whether true or false
are conjured up into our minds
to relieve a stress or change its course
sometimes I wished that I was rich
with money to burn without a care
and then reality brings me back
what little I have I willingly share
other times I wished I was young
or younger than my current years
and then I think of others long gone
and am grateful living with my fears
the worst thing that has happened to me
when it comes to others in my life
is wishing that they were dead
because of the trouble and the strife
that is the worst of wishes to have
as no one should be treated this way
regardless of harm or hate they have caused
they are still allowed to have their say
and just because we don’t agree
wishing harm we should not choose
instead more tolerant we should be
and listen to the others views
some wishes are sometimes special ways
like birthdays, christmas and other times
those are of the happier days
given willingly based on calendar signs
my wish to you for reading this verse
is to thank you for being so very kind
and hope that what you wish for yourself
peace and joy and happiness find.

My wish for you is to “Have a great day and a wonderful life”.
Written 01/31/2021