You get the picture…

Just when we thought we had seen it all
when the snowflakes started to fall
leaving us wondering along the way
three inches on the ground it lay
and didn’t last for very long
within a day it was all gone
and we were glad to see it go
as here in Texas we don’t like snow.

If things were following the usual norm
our winter would end with that storm
and here we are two weeks along
to sing another winters song
this time not snow but ice and sleet
making it slippery under our feet
forecast to last for several days
changing our thinking in so many ways
as now all of our plans have changed
as winter plays its sneaky games.

I watched as the birds looked for food
and to my feeders in a multitude
they swarmed and squabled in their search
alas the feeders on which they perched
were empty of seed to fill their need
as I watched them searching for the seed
I put on my jacket and out I did go
to brave the winters ice and snow
and fill the feeders so they could eat
and fight the cold that they would beat
Nature playing her usual games
for reasons why she cannot explain.

This time around the weather forecast
says that this winter storm will last
at least for a week or possibly more
as no one knows what’s really in store
as this is Texas and everyone knows
that even though the cold wind blows
and it might even turn to snow
or continue freezing rain as we know
bringing more of just the same
of this horrible freezing rain
it could also be a sunny day
as all of this weather goes away.

And really the truth is it won’t be long
before we sing a different song
as the temperature rises bit by bit
and Nature changes to make things fit
into her schedule and Spring will be here
and bring with it a lot of good cheer
with sunny weather and making things grow
and we will forget we ever had snow
and back to what we consider our norm
with the sun shining bright a new season is born.

Written 02/11/2021

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