Looks beautiful but oh so cold.

Another day that winters is here
as the day outside is bright and clear
and the snow lays on the ground
unusual but real as we have found
that the weather is changing in my part of the State
and this winter has brought snow and sleet
in quantities not seen before
and freezing temperatures to add to the score
lasting all day long and through the night
leaving us in a sorry plight
with six inches of snow upon the ground
and locked indoors my feelings profound
as I stare out of the window and feeling the chill
of a winters day and we have long had our fill
of weather this cold and snow on the ground
waiting for Spring to come quickly around
and temperatures more fitting to get things to grow
away from this winter with the pretty white snow
until it is summer and then we’ll find ways
with the sun so hot that the cooler days
from back in the winter look good about now
never satisfied with weather and knowing somehow
that this being Texas things will change
and Mother Nature will quickly arrange
for it to be different just wait and see
as she changes her clothes so amazingly.

How I hate the cold and snow…
I have nothing better to do than write…

Written 02/16/2021

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