A View of Henly Park when the sun was shining…

I am tired of writing about ice and snow
and need a different direction to go
something light and cheerful would be fine
and focus on life far down the line
and of all of the plans that are made
to get into the lifestyle I currently crave
which for those of you that well know me
is to tour the country in my RV
outside my window is a blanket of white
with the snow covering everything in site
and birds by the dozen eating the seed
in the feeders placed just for their need
I have never seen so many birds
gathered here over the years
but then again its never been this bad
in all of the other winters we had
and they could always find something to feed
without resorting to eating my seed.
I wonder how the Eagle fares
sitting in Henly which she shares
with so many other different RV’s
many of whom are very pleased
to live all year long in this way
in an RV park built for their stay
which is what I plan to uphold
just as soon as the house is sold
and the fish in different homes to stay
making others happy with their array
and give them pleasure in the next few years
as they have to me including the tears
of fish that were lost in different ways
as nothing is permanent and here to stay
so when I hit the open road
I will not have to share the load
and worry that everything is OK
as I travel the countryside in my own way
joining millions of others who have gone before
breaking the ground to adventures galore
hoping that I live that long
and see a lot of America before the last song
which I hope is a long way in coming
and life and me keep on humming
as we travel along without a care
on the road with whom many others we share
each following their dream and in so many ways
the RV lifestyle living out their days
it is not the most impossible dream
as crazy to some as it may seem
but there is only me and two little dogs
and no one else who will feel the loss
of living in a bricks and sticks home
in a permanent place and nowhere to roam.

Written 02/18/2021