My Neighbors have learned this art and are not afraid to share it…

Without our neighbors where would we be
as we go about our daily tasks
in the background living their lives
sight unseen but ready to ask
are you OK in troubled times
or when the weather has declined
they are the very first in line
with help and warming to the task
bring food and drink and stop to ask
with many questions they do tell
and hope that everything is well
and you do not need to go through hell
in the storm of ’21
my neighbors lined up at my door
checking to see if I was OK
with food and drink and water galore
enough for me to flush the john
something we don’t think about
to eat and drink has one result
put it in and it must come out
today the temperature is fifty three
much warmer than the past few days
and the ice and snow that is on the ground
is melting fast and going away
which will probably be the end of that
and no more snow we’ll see this year
and I hope that’s a bloody fact
and that sort of weather never comes near
as Texans we can stand the heat
but ice and cold is not our fare
but like our neighbors down the street
we show each other we really care.

Written 02/20/2021