The bird feeders behind the RV.

Looking out of the window of my RV
watching the birds flying so free
squabbling and flapping and not singing a song
afraid that the food will all be gone
before they get their share of the seed
in the feeders hanging from the tees
of the units placed in the ground
for the birds happily flying around.

I like to feed our feathered friends
it gives me pleasure and to this end
I hang the feeders within my view
so I can watch for a moment or two
mostly sparrows and finches somber and brown
nothing flashy about them except they’re all clowns
squabbling and scrambling to get at the seed
for which there is plenty much more than they need.

It’s quiet and peaceful just sitting here
giving me feelings of nothing but cheer
with plenty of time for the rest of the day
now what shall we do so as not to delay
but reality rears it’s ugly head
and back to the house I must go instead
with plans made for the rest of the week
deadlines and appointments I need to keep.

An eye appointment for tomorrow I must go
continuing treatment for a minor woe
with my vision improving getting better each day
hoping this is the last time before driving away
then on Wednesday I need to drive out of town
back to Round Rock for my second round
of the Covid-19 life saving vaccine
keeping me safe to fulfil my dream.

From there I will drive back to Henly
and spend time in the Eagle in my RV
while I wait for the sale of furniture and stuff
and selling the house for enough is enough
of living in one place when I can travel around
and see more of the country with limits unbound
fulfilling my dream to travel this land
with it’s richness and wonders and sites that are grand.

I will not have a great deal of time
especially should my health decline
and as a person of advancing years
which is the very least of my fears
in good health as far as I can tell
with a brain that’s forgetful and slower than hell
I plan to make the most of my worth
of the time I have left on Nature’s Green Earth.

Written 04/12/2021

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