The Eagle

When I look out of my window what do I see
not just one but many trees
of different kinds but mostly live oaks
and here and there a couple of folks
attending to their different chores
or maybe glad to be outdoors
as that is where we strive to be
and the reason for living in an RV.

It’s fun to drive from place to place
and never staying in one base
longer than the needs arise
or how long it takes to apprise
to rest a few days in one spot
taking in the sites which means a lot
as memories are built this way
which is why we sometimes stay.

Often though its an overnight thing
to take a quick break on our swing
to some other place we have defined
and this one stop is along the line
on our way to a given place
where we plan on making it a base
to explore and hike and see the views
as we live our life the way we choose.

I am new to this RV’ing life
but learning fast without the strife
but still in one place for a bit more time
as things develop down the line
and then full time we shall have our fling
my dogs and I and we’ll do our thing
as part of the RV’ing world
and the life before us will unfurl.

Written 4/16/2021