The bridge to a new life?


I wonder if at the end of all this
my future life will be filled with bliss
or will I turn around and look at the world
and say to myself as my thoughts unfurl
I made a mistake in choosing this life
just as I did in having three wives
but like them the only way to find out
was to get rid of one and give another a shout
when she didn’t work out for me
in a few years she was history
and wife number three came on the scene
and for fifteen years she was my queen
until one day she had her say
goodbye so long I’m on my way
and so for almost thirty years
in spite of having a lot of fears
that another wife would find her way
into my home where she would stay
disrupting my life so carefully planned
with nothing ever out of hand
under control in every way
from dawn to dusk I had my say
and now I’m about to change all of that
instead of growing old and fat
living in my house with my two dogs
doing as we please without much loss
of thought as we go about our day
doing things the same old way
and now the house is up for sale
in Eagle the RV we will prevail
travelling around from place to place
joining others of this human race
who like me just want to be free
and live our lives in an RV
at least I have many memories
of time spent with wives some of it bliss
but I never enjoyed the married life
which is why I no longer have a wife
I have myself for company
along with my dogs making us three
travelling around from place to place
not staying too long just in case
we may get bored and need to move on
the happy campers singing their song
of life and travel on the open road
In the Eagle and truck which is pulling the load
as the miles pass beneath us as we drive along
happy to finally be playing this song.

Written 05/15/2021

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