Why I love Nature

Today is the day and I honestly can say
that I wasn’t sure what to do today
it started by following my usual routine
getting out of bed and then getting clean
taking a shower shaving my face
changing my clothes to a different taste
so instead of the shorts and Tee shirt I wear
I just put on the same but a different pair
ready to face another day
walking the dogs in the usual way
then back indoors after a bit
breakfast and coffee did the trick
sitting at the computer and checking the mail
especially those with a selling tale
answering some ignoring the rest
putting my patience to the test
it is way to easy to buy all the stuff
the RV is full so enough is enough
and then I sat around for a bit
wondering what is my next trick
so planning ahead I got out the pot
and made a stew and I made a lot
enough to last me at least a week
as cooking to me is not what I seek
to entertain myself during the day
I’d rather be writing and have my say
with the Insta Pot cooking for several hours
I had time on my hands before I devour
the savory stew cooking in the pot
wait at least six hours which is a lot
what to do for the rest of the day
time on my hands its hard to say
the dogs need to go for their afternoon walk
I know they would tell me if they could talk
“Come on Dad, it’s time to go
why is it that you are so slow”
so out we go to walk around
checking the trailers as new ones we found
and others that stayed have come and gone
away on the their journey and travelling along
to parts unknown except to them
have a safe trip are the wishes we send
I really like this RV life
so far it has had very little strife
just everyday problems usually fixed
as we learn and find out all of the tricks
of keeping the RV safe and sound
while we are parked at this campground
here we will stay for at least six more weeks
while the house and the contents new buyers we seek
hoping that it will not take that long
as it hard to wait to sing our new song
I guess the dogs don’t really care
as along with me we try to share
new adventures we find along the way
as we live our new life day by day.

Written 05/16/2021

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I have decided to reprint the poetry that I have written these past 11 years that was posted in the blog listed above. So, starting this coming Tuesday and Thursday there will be a posting of my poetry from long ago added to this blog. Much of it reflects my changing life and my different interests over the years. With over three hundred poems, it should be good for a while before I run out of ideas or join my dogs over that Rainbow Bridge.. Enjoy…