I think today is Saturday as I no longer keep track of the days
nor time the luxury that old age brings
so unless I have something planned
that warrants waking beforehand
getting up early is a thing of the past

Some would call me lazy and maybe that’s true
only enjoyed by a very few mostly rich or old
a luxury earned after long years of labor
enjoying the time and never missing out in favor
of a moment of peace and quiet

The dogs are very content with this moment
with the person they sleep with each night
who loves them more like so many others before
but this is their time of sharing his life
so when they came to my door
we became a family of three for the company
and our family is complete for all to see

We come and we go taking life slow
going for walks as our daily routine
after getting up late it’s the first on our plate
wondering just what today may bring.

Written 06/05/2021

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