Trails are the best place to be…

I wonder why I write this stuff
I should just say enough is enough
it’s not like all my readers out there
can’t get enough of what I share
truth be told since changing sites
and sending readers their own invites
very few have followed along
not joining me in my new song
of life and living the way I see
to share my thoughts with humanity
and even though not too much has changed
for them I guess it is not the same
no fish no frogs no turtles to share
no stories of ponds for which I did care
those are all in my past life
just like all of my three wives
history and in the past
as nothing on earth forever lasts
as we move on to other things
with new stories and interests that life brings
human nature is such that it needs a change
getting bored with the old so we rearrange
our thoughts and actions in a new way
to pass on to others as we have our say
I hope dear readers that you will be kind
and follow my blogs as I unwind
my thoughts to you in an everyday way
and bear with me as I have my say
and even though the subjects have changed
and my way of writing is rearranged
about something different that interests me
as I live out my life in my RV.

Written 05/18/2021

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I have decided to reprint the poetry that I have written these past 11 years that was posted in the blog listed above. So, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday and Thursday there will be a posting of my poetry from long ago added to this blog. Much of it reflects my changing life and my different interests over the years. With over three hundred poems, it should be good for a while before I run out of ideas. Enjoy…