Today was another funny old day
as it seems that life got in the way
of most of the things that I wanted to do
leaving me to fuss and stew
over things that I want to convey.

First I ate breakfast as I usually do
and drank coffee one cup made anew
my choice a latte with lots of milk
with a foaming head smooth as silk
to face the day about to ensue.

With breakfast gone a thing of the past
knowing not to make it last
as I needed to be on my way
with lots to do to have my say
to the doctors appointment fast.

The Doc and I go back a few years
as he has helped me through my fears
when times were bad at least for me
struggling for health in my misery
helping me through my tears.

The Doc came through and gave a thumbs up
it seems that although I’m pushing my luck
everything is still working fine
although no promises of extra time
but no fear of running amok.

Next stop was the house to meet a friend
looking to buy to stay with the trend
and add to her pond with parts anew
some of which I have more than a few
cash in exchange and the sharing would extend.

One more trip would make our day
to a place quite far away
to take to the house four of the tanks
the last of the items lets all give thanks
nothing wasted and nothing thrown away.

Then back to the RV and to Henly
stopping to buy a foamy Latte
at Starbucks which is the scourge of my life
making most of the fact that I haven’t a wife
to nag me for drinking coffee.

So ended another strange day
and if my life continues this way
all of the pond stuff will be gone
allowing me to carry on
travelling far far away.

Written 05/21/2021

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