The view at Henly

So much has happened these past few days as life progresses in her usual way
time flying by at breakneck speed especially to those like me who have seen
a lot of years go by water under the bridge time passed beyond our reach
no longer young and with life’s dreams never giving up hope just when it seems
our youth is gone along with our strength and physically we are a mess
but still that glimmer of hope remains that our strength holds out and we pass the test
of living just as long as we can as we spend our time in this wonderful land
so much has happened these last few days that makes me wonder of the ways
that life progresses from hour to hour as we do everything in our power
to enjoy and make the most of our time knowing that it won’t be long
before our life will be gone and we no longer alive will be
but just in fact a memory to those we know and leave behind
always hoping that they will find happiness in their memories
of time spent together over the years when life was young and we had no fears
enough of this gloomy train of thought the sun is shining its a beautiful day
we still have a lot of living to do travelling the highways along our way
making the most of our remaining years casting aside any unknown fears
of what the future may hold and that comes our way
we will live our life day by day and face each task as it it arrives
hoping that life will let us survive to see the sun arise once more
as we travel this life knowing for sure that we are not alone in this world
with friends and family neighbors and such and people we meet and friendships
that touch our lives as we pass by taking the time to say hello
as they make their way to where they must go
just like the ships that pass in the night they are quickly out of sight
and another moment grows when the next of them shows
to say hello and nod their head or wave a hand to us instead
this will go on for evermore until we arrive at deaths door
and we will think back at those people we met who took the time to say hello
or waved their hand or nodded their head any acknowledgement instead
of passing by without a sign to help an old man feel alive.

Written 07/10/2021

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